Being Paranormal

The secret village that is full of towns people who all know each other and their secrets. But they don't know about a boys secret, that maybe finish them forever without anyone knowing they existed...


4. Ghostly Future

Then when he was taken down to low ground, the ghost are carrying him and were pointing at him and grumbling words that he didn't understand. "This is your future Dylan",said a ghost that was with him. "Only you aren't there because only you can see us, and that means you have to warn everyone else". Dylan remembered those words as a bright blue beam of light hit him and he woke up on the steps of the school entrance. What just happened? he was wondering and making all this questions up that he can only answer. The bell rang and everyone ran past him knocking him around.

"Hey Dylan there you are." Said Jake running pat him. "Science was amazing you running out like that." He laughed.

Dylan stood up and a black haired boy with others behind him in a line knocked him back down.

"Whats wrong its like you seen a ghost." He laughed. Everyone else aswell there was about five all together.

Dylan picked up his back and put it back on turning around giving the boy the evils. He stopped and looked down as a blue ghostly hand appeared and grabbed the boys leg and the head of a young man appeared. The boy tried moving and tripped and fell on his back laying next to Dylan.

"Ha ha loser." Laughed Jake who ran ahead before the boy got up. The ghost winked at Dylan and faded away. What? Dylan was so confused but so happy. He turned around and saw Jake walking across the road waving at him, but Dylan knew a car was coming and ran to shout to Jake. It was too late the car was inches away from Jake as he shut his eyes praying and knowing it wouldn't work. He opened his eyes wondering what was happening, he stared at every ones faces and people pointing. But they were froze. Dylan looked around and wondering what was going on, he looked at his friend Jake who was inches away from the car and was in a running position as for the car was frozen still and the driver had a surprised face. 

"What in the world." Said Dylan.

A ghost came down and landed next to him, it was the same ghost as before the young man ghost. He was slowly floating down towards Dylan and landed next to him. "What is happening now."

"Go and save your friend Dylan, before its to late." Said the young man.

Dylan ran up to Jake and touched him... he was freezing cold. The young man winked as the ice around Jake melted and he became free. The young man faded away and Dylan quickly pulled Jake out the road just as everything unfroze.

"What just happened."

"It was that freak Dylan over there." Pointed the boy.

Everyone had stared at Dylan, he had have enough. Dylan ran at the boy and swung his fists around at him. The ghost pulled Dylan's arm back.

"Get off me."

"Haha, look hes trying to stop himself from punching me." Laughed the boy and the crowd.

"Who wouldn't wanna punch you." Said Jake.

Dylan pulled free and his fist went right through the boys face like he was a ghost. Everyone pulled faces off shock.

"Stay away you freak!"

Everyone ran.

"What did you do! Now everyone things im a ghost."

The ghost faded and shrugged.

"Its OK your not mental i believe you can see ghost."

"Honesty im not a ghost an i can see them."

"Oh yea prove it."

"I cant right now just listen to me."

"No! Im starting to not believe you."

Jake walked away.

"I wish i didn't save you now!" Dylan walked down the road and past the forest he always passes to get home. He opened the front door and entered the kitchen.

"Good day?"

"Well you might get a letter or a call from my teacher."

"Why, what have you done now?" Said his mum in shock.

Dylan walked upstairs and sat on his bed.

"How can i prove it to them Tod." Tod was his younger brother who had died at the age of 3 and is now much older.

"Look i cant help you its dangerous you know that."

"How can i see ghost? Please tell me again."



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