Forever young

When 18 year old Alyson Dockery moved to London, she hoped jobs would pop up quickly, but instead she ends up playing her guitar and singing to earn money. She never expected a member of her favourite boy band would end up finding her!


1. Plane to London

Aly's POV

"Yes i realize you think I'm crazy, no I'll be fine here, yes I promise to call every day, Mom! I'll be fine, I texted Jenna she said she will come see me in a week. I love you too, bye." Okay, maybe i should have told them that I was moving to London the day after I turned 18. But they can't blame me they smothered me since birth, and I did tell them that I was going to move to London some day but I guess they didn't  assume that meant the day after my 18th birthday.... oh well. A woman's voice calls my flight and I get up and wait in line. I get to the desk, give the woman, who I assume is one who did the announcement, my passport and ticket. She scans them, hands them back to me and says "Have a good flight." "Thanks," I say to her as I walk down the ramp to the plane. As I step into the plane, the flight attendant asks for my ticket. I hand it to her, she looks at it, hands it back to me and points to a flight of stairs, "Go up those stairs and strait across to the far side of the plane." Cool! I've never been in an airbus (a double decker plane( I'm a slight plane nerd)). "Thanks!" I say quickly to the flight attendant and go up the stairs. When I get to the top I go across to the second isle, go down it and try to find my seat. After I find my seat (its a window seat, thank god) I sit down, pull my headphones and some candy out of my bag and start browsing the movie choices for the trip. "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, this is flight 302 from Ottawa to Heathrow airport in London. Our flight time will be apoxamitly 7 hours thank you for choosing Air Canada." In that time I figured out what I was going to watch first, The Hobbit of coarse! I press play, sit back, and get confertable for the 7 hour flight ahead of me.

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