Pikachu goes crazy


1. Chu

in small town we find pikachu walking down the street. He turns the corner and he meets fil, a drug dealer.

Pikachu/ hey I got the shit

fil/ let me see

pikachu/ check them out pokeballs filled with pokemon

fil/ good, good well here the bank and some weed

pikachu/ ok then nice doing business with you fil peace.

pikachu ends up going with money and some weed. Back over with ash and co they are still waiting for brock to stop jacking off so they can think of a plan to find pikachu and get there pokeballs backs

ash/ come on brock stop jacking off

brock/ hold on a sec almost done

max/ may go help him out

may/ what! Do I look like a hoe

ash/ you could be may you could be

brock/ im done.

ash/ about time know lets go find pikachu

so know they go off to find pikachu. They are walking in the woods and they see a small town.

may/ hey lets check this town out pikachu might be there, then we can kill that un forgiving pokemon

brock and max/ ya kill pikachu

ash/ no you guys can't kill pikachu

max/ watch us

ash/ I wont let you guys touch him their still good in him

may/ ash if you lets us kill pikachu then you can fuck me when ever you want

ash/ well if you put it that way, lets go kill pikachu

may, max, and brock/ ya kill pikachu.

Now all have decide to kill pikachu well the gang is walking in the town were the bump in to fil and they see that fil has there pokeballs

brock/ hey bitch give us a back are pokeballs

fil/ there mine that pikachu sold them to me

ash/ that pikachu was mine he robed us and took are pokeballs so we want them back

may/ ya

fil/ well its going to coast you

brock/ but we got no money

fil/ well think of something

ash/ I got it

may/ ya what is

ash/ may go suck him and get are pokeballs back

may/ what the fuck im not going to do that

brock/ you will or im going to send that sex tape I made when you got drunk and end up having sex with ash

ash/ I don't rember that

brock/ your were pass out

ash/ oh

max/ ok enough of that, may you are going to have to suck this guy

may/ fine

fil/ hey you guys thought of a payment

ash/ yep may over here is going to give you head

fil/ ok then, well come on may

may/ lets get this over with

may and fil went more down the corner so may could do her stuff

brock/ may better not fuck this up

ash/ she won't

15mins latter may comes back with all of there pokeballs but also her shirt and face had cum spots

ash/ dame may way you work im not surprise your not rich

may/ just shut the fuck up ash and lets get to a pokemon center so I could wash up.

Down the road we find pikachu entering a pokemon center

nurse joy/ oh it's a pikachu how cute

pikachu/ shut the fuck up bitch this is a stick up I want all the fucking pokemon in there pokeballs right know got it.

Nurse joy/ what the

kid1/ that pikachu can talk

kid2/ wow that amazing

everybody started to talk about how pikachu can speak

pikachu/ thats it all of you muthafuckers are going to die pikaaaaaaaaaa

pikachu shot out a thunder attack hitting every body in the center and ended up killing them all

pikachu/ well thats done, hmm a transporter I could go to oak lab and rob the old man, ya I think I will

pikachu jumped in the transporter and went to oaks.

Down the road ash and the gang ended up at the pokemon center but when they got inside the place was destroyed expect for the phone and transporter and every body was dead

brock/ no! nurse joy she's dead

max/ brock they all look the same

brock/ your right max

ash/ pikachu was here

may/ why you say that ash

ash/ because all of the people here died of some kind of thunder attack

may/ oh

over at oaks lab we find oak working on a new type of pokeball all of a sudden pikachu comes

pikachu/ hey old timer

oak/ wha what pikachu what are doing here and when did you learn to speak

pikachu/ shut up pikaaaaaaaa

pikachu ended up shocking oak, but oak got lucky and just passed out pikachu went over and stole all the pokemon in oaks lab

pikachu/ well that was easy

as ash and the gang think of were pikachu can be they get a phone call on the phone in the pokemon center

ash/ hello

oak/ ash it me oak I have some bad news

ash/ what is it

oak/ your pikachu just robbed me

ash/ are you and tracy ok

oak/ tracy is fine he went to go see misty and im ok to

ash/ good but what did pikachu take

oak/ just all the pokemon and did you know your pikachu can talk

ash/ ya I know, oak were do you think he went

oak/ he probably went to misty to take all here pokemon

ash/ ok then I will worn here bye oak

oak/ bye ash

ash/ ok guys we got to tell misty and tracy

brock/ well lets hurry up and call them

ash started to call misty,over at misty gym the phone rings

misty/ hello

ash/ misty get out of there pikachu is coming and he went crazy

misty/ ash is that you and whats this about pikachu going crazy

ash/ listen bitch pikachu can talk and he took all of are pokemon he just robed oaks house and took all of the pokemon

misty/ first of all im not no fucking bitch

ohhhhhh yes,

ash/ what the fuck is that

misty/ thats just daisy and tracy having sex and they haven't stopped once

ash/ dame tracy is fucking daisy, man does he got game

brock/ he sure does

max/ more then you

brock puts his head down in shame

misty/ hey pikachu is here

ash/ what

misty/ hey pikachu

ash/ run bitch

pikachu/ hey bitch

misty/ whaa what

pikachu/ pikaaaaaaaa

a burst of thunder shoots out theres a flash ash and the others can't see nothing then they lose the picture

ash/ misty, misty

may/ hope that she's ok

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