Friend Zoned

Kylie and Liam have been best friends since pre-school. They’ve faced all challenges together, and high school was the biggest challenge yet. Kylie had become a socialite; became everyone’s best friend. Every girl wanted to be her, and every guy wanted to be her boyfriend. Liam had ended up on the other side of the school’s spectrum. He had very little friends that he could trust. What happens when one event affects their relationship as friends? Could it bloom into something more, or will their friendship stay the same?


8. The Mystery Guy

For at least a month or so, everything went back to the way it was before. Kylie and I never spoke to each other since that day. We would see each other in the hallways, only making eye contact and that was it. The guys eventually noticed that something was wrong, though none of them bothered to ask.

Yet, nothing was ever the same. This time felt different because I was the one who had caused all of this. "You should talk to her." Louis suggested as we sat down at our table during lunch. Kylie was over at the cheerleading table, but I could tell that even though she was trying to have fun, her eyes were sad.

"You have to fix this. We hate seeing you like this." Harry said. It had been a while since Harry came back to sit with us again. He still hasn't made his move on Dani. "What is there to fix? Our friendship was already broken." I said.

"She misses you Liam." Louis said. Of course she does. If she missed me so much, then why is this happening? "She suggested that I should go to prom with Michaela." I said.

"She said that?" Zayn asked.

I nodded. "What did you say?" Niall asked.

"I didn't say anything. She said that it'd be good for the both of us and then asked about what good can come if we went to prom together." I said. "After I told her that she was the one who changed, I realized that I changed too. I don't know how I'm going to fix all of this."

"Prom is coming up in a month. Maybe you should go and apologize to Kylie. Just hope that she'll forgive you." Louis said. The other guys nodded in agreement. It was either going to prom with Michaela or going to prom with Kylie. I chose the second option, but it'd be worth the risk.


The morning before school started, I went to the floral shop and bought some red roses. It was Valentine's Day. "Hello Liam. How are you dear?" Ms Jackson was the daughter of the previous owner. "I'm doing good. How are you?" I asked with a smile, paying for the flowers.

She handed me the bouquet. "I'm doing just fine. Thank you. Who are the flowers for?" she asked. I smiled, "Just a girl at school."

"She must be real special." she smiled.

"Oh, she is. Thanks again Ms Jackson." I smiled, waving good bye before walking out and getting in my car. I arrived just in time when the bell rang. I noticed that Dani and Erin were walking in the hallway to their first class with Kylie.

"Hey Dani, will you give this to Kylie for me? Don't say it's from me though." I said, handing her the bouquet. "Sure, I won't tell her." Dani smiled, taking the flowers and the two walked down the hallway while I walked off in another direction.

When lunch came around, the other cheerleaders were admiring the bouquet of flowers Kylie was holding. "Who's it from?" I heard them ask as I passed by the table to sit down at mine. "A secret admirer I guess. There's no card." Kylie said. "But whoever he is must know I love roses."

"Did you buy her those?" Niall asked, sitting down at the table. I shrugged, "She deserves it. After what I did to her, I felt guilty and buying her flowers seemed to make her happy."

"Does she know it's you?" Louis asked. I shook my head as Michaela walked over and sat down. "Which one of you bought her flowers?" she asked. We looked at each other since none of us had spoken a single word. "It's not your business to know." Zayn said.

"Shut up Zayn." she said. "It must be you then, Liam." I motioned towards myself as if I were innocent. "Me? How would I know that roses are Kylie's favorite?"

"It has to be. You're the only one who knows her better than us. What are you trying to do?" she asked.

"Nothing." I said, grabbing my stuff and walked out of the cafeteria. The bell rang and I went to Spanish class, sitting down in my seat. Kylie entered with her bouquet, still talking about it to her friends when she sat down in her seat.

"Nice set of flowers there." Niall said to Kylie, making her turn in her seat. "They are absolutely gorgeous." she smiled. Just as gorgeous as you are. I thought to myself without glancing up at her. "Liam, do you know anything about the mysterious guy who sent these?" she asked.

I never thought she'd speak to me after what happened at the ice cream place. "No, I don't but he must have a good taste in women, or flowers." I said, then went back to doing my work.

I wondered how long I was going to keep this up. Maybe until prom, and then maybe she'll see that I'm the one for her.

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