Friend Zoned

Kylie and Liam have been best friends since pre-school. They’ve faced all challenges together, and high school was the biggest challenge yet. Kylie had become a socialite; became everyone’s best friend. Every girl wanted to be her, and every guy wanted to be her boyfriend. Liam had ended up on the other side of the school’s spectrum. He had very little friends that he could trust. What happens when one event affects their relationship as friends? Could it bloom into something more, or will their friendship stay the same?


6. The Christmas Party

This was the last week before Winter break. Everyone was talking about the cool places they were going for the holidays. Like the rest of us, I couldn't afford to go anywhere. I would rather spend the holidays with my family here.

"You're staying here for the holidays?" Zayn asked as I just shrugged, eating my lunch. Harry had broken up with Jennifer and has now moved on to dating another cheerleader, not Dani. As for Niall, he and Erin started becoming really good friends. He doubts that it'll go anywhere.

I told him to hope for the best. Kylie was still dating Louis, which left Zayn and I the only single guys in our group. Michaela and Zayn are still friends, but they are nowhere close to dating each other. "You guys are all invited to my Christmas party." Kylie smiled, sitting down at our table.

"It's also Louis' birthday on that day too, so you all must go." she added. We all looked at each other and then the attention was turned towards me. Why must I be the deciding factor in this? Eventually the decision was made and we were all going to the Christmas party.

I wondered how many people were actually invited besides us, and where was the Christmas party going to be held? I asked myself. "It's going to be at my house. My parents are going on a business trip for three weeks." she said. It was as if she had read my mind.

Finally the week was over and Winter break began. I was in my room when my phone rang. I picked it up and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Kylie. Do you want to come over?" she asked.

"Today?" I asked.

"Of course silly." She giggled on the other end. "We can do something fun."

"Sure, I'll be right over." I told her and then hung up the phone. I quickly got dressed, grabbed the keys, and went out the front door. The walk wasn't that far to her house. It was a good five minutes. When I arrived, I rang the doorbell and waited for her to answer.

"Come in." she smiled as soon as she opened the door. I entered her house and she closed the door behind me. "Do you want some hot chocolate?" she asked. I nodded as she walked into the kitchen and I followed her.

Kylie was wearing sweats and- "Are you wearing my shirt?" I asked her. I was still a bit surprised that she had kept my shirt for two months straight. I hardly noticed that it was missing. She put a mug full of water in the microwave and pressed start.

She turned around and said, "Yeah. Sorry I wasn't able to give it back. It's comforting. It feels like you're here." She looked down and I walked over to her, giving her a hug. "You know I'm down the street if you need someone to talk to." I said.

She looked up at me and I looked at her. For a moment we stayed like this until we were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. "Who's at the door?" I asked her. She pulled away from the hug and went to go answer the door.

"Hey babe!" That was all I heard from her and I sighed. Kylie came back into the kitchen and took out the mug once it was done, pouring the hot chocolate. "Liam, didn't know you'd be here." Louis said with a smile.

Kylie handed me the mug and I took it from her. "Be careful, it's hot." she said and then began to make herself a cup. "Didn't know you'd be here either." I said before taking a sip of the hot chocolate.

"I wanted to spend time with my guys." she smiled. Figures. I thought to myself as I took another sip. Why didn't I see this one coming? I asked myself. "Hope this isn't going to be awkward." Louis said.

"Not at all." I said. Oh yes it is. You and I are going to be spending time with Kylie at her house. The best friend and the boyfriend in love with the same girl - it cannot get any more awkward than that.

"If you ever hurt her, I swear..."

"I'm not going to hurt her Liam. I give you my word. I'm not going to make the same mistake Zayn made." Louis said. A part of me was telling me that he was lying, but another part of me had to believe him. "I hope not." I said.


"How big do you think this Christmas party is going to be?" Niall asked once I picked him up at his house, and then drove to Kylie's house. Once we arrived at Kylie's house, there were a few cars lining the street. Louis' and Zayn's cars were the easiest to pick out.

I parked my car on the opposite side of the street. Niall and I both got out, then walked up to the front door of Kylie's house. Niall rang the door bell and Kylie opened the door. "Glad you guys could make it." she smiled. She gave Niall a hug and then she gave me a hug.

"Niall, you can go in. I need to talk with Liam for a minute." Niall went inside and Kylie closed the door after he entered. "I was serious about us trying to be friends again. I'm not going to mess up like last time. I wasn't even thinking.

"I was so determined to be popular and when I did become popular, I forgot about you. I don't know how long it'll be until you forgive me, but I want to know if everything will be okay between us." she said.

"Kylie," I paused, looking down and then up at her. "I want us to be friends again as well. It's not going to be easy to forgive you, but I will agree with idea of trying to be friends." She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into a hug. "You don't know how much it means to me for you to say that."

Kylie and I entered the house, but we parted ways - going to our own groups. "Who are you going to kiss under the mistletoe?" Zayn asked Niall as I approached them. "Probably Erin, if I can get the courage to." Niall answered.

"What about you?" Harry asked Zayn.

Zayn shrugged, "It doesn't matter. I've kissed like half the girls in this room."

"Hey Liam, are you going to kiss Michaela? I heard she wants to kiss you." Niall nudged me with a smirk on his face. I glanced over at Michaela who simply just waved from where she was standing. Just looking at her and seeing her in that beautiful red dress. She took my breath away.

"I don't think he'll do it." Harry whispered to Niall, but it was loud enough for me to hear. "You think I won't?" I asked Harry.

"C'mon, we all know you have feelings for Kylie." Zayn said.

"I'll bet you ten bucks that you don't have the guts to kiss Michaela under the mistletoe." Harry smirk.

"Twenty if he does." Niall said. They both shook hands, confirming the deal. Completely ignoring them, I made my way over to Michaela and greeted her with a smile. "Hey Michaela."

"Hey Liam. Having fun at this party yet?" she asked.

"No, not really." I answered. She pouted a little and asked, "Why not?"

"Harry and Niall made a bet about me kissing you under the mistletoe." I said. She looked at me, raising an eyebrow and smirked a little. "Is that so?"

I nodded in reply as she motioned towards the ceiling. "Did you pick this spot because it was away from everyone else, or did you purposely pick it because you were desperate and wish someone would kiss you?"

She shrugged, "Maybe I really wanted to be here."

"Or maybe you dissed a lot of guys who wanted to kiss you and you weren't going to kiss any until the right one came your way." I smirked. She smiled, rolling her eyes. "Just shut up and kiss me." she said. I chuckled a bit as I leaned in and kissed her.

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