Friend Zoned

Kylie and Liam have been best friends since pre-school. They’ve faced all challenges together, and high school was the biggest challenge yet. Kylie had become a socialite; became everyone’s best friend. Every girl wanted to be her, and every guy wanted to be her boyfriend. Liam had ended up on the other side of the school’s spectrum. He had very little friends that he could trust. What happens when one event affects their relationship as friends? Could it bloom into something more, or will their friendship stay the same?


12. Bonus Chapter

Author's Note: This chapter is the start of a possible sequel to Friend Zoned, but I'm not going to write a sequel just yet. But I'm just letting you all know that it's coming soon :) Enjoy! xoxo


Chapter 1. A New Beginning

Summer vacation was over, and college was just beginning. Out of all my friends, Niall, Mikayla, and Kylie were staying. Kylie had told me that she was staying here for a year before going to California to pursue her dream of being a veterinarian. I was actually glad to have them around, otherwise, I didn't think I'd make it through college alone.

Today was the first day of college and one out of the four years that I have to endure. Of course my parents were paying for tuition, and thank god that I've gotten a job to help them pay for some of the tuition. "We are going to have so much fun, right Liam?" Kylie asked me with a smile.

She and I entered through one of the buildings on campus where our first class together was held. I hadn't seen Niall or Mikayla all morning, so I figured they must be in another building or something. "Yeah, we are." I said with a smile, entering the classroom with her.

We sat down beside each other as our professor entered the room and began to introduce himself to us, welcoming us to the start of the new year. He mentioned how there was going to be a lot of homework involved and there would be no room for procrastination.

Also he talked about upcoming pop quizzes and midterms. I was not looking forward to all of that work, but eventually it would pay off in the end. At the end of our last class, Kylie and I finally met up with Niall and Mikayla who had walked out of a classroom that was down the hall from ours.

"Hey, let's go grab a bite to eat." Mikayla smiled. She and Niall have been spending a lot of time together ever since graduation. Kylie and I both thought that she'd end up with Zayn, but we heard that Zayn had moved to the east coast to go to college. Louis and Harry both moved to California; and in a year, that's where Kylie would be.

"Yeah, I'm starving." Niall said. We all got in our cars and drove to a fast food place. "Are you thinking about joining a sport this year Liam?" Kylie asked me as we sat down at a table after ordering our food. "I haven't decided yet." I said. I just wanted to focus on my academic career, like I did in high school.

"Kylie, maybe you should try out for a sport." Mikayla suggested.

"Yeah, I don't know. I am thinking about doing cheerleading again, but only if Liam signs up for a sport." Kylie looked at me and smiled. Niall was too busy eating his food to pay attention to the conversation. "Maybe he should do soccer." Mikayla said.

"No, he doesn't seem like the soccer type." Kylie said and the girls were immersed into a conversation about what sport I should play. "Maybe you should just take Liam for the way that he is." Niall said out of the blue. We all looked at him and he immediately looked surprised. "What? Just because I eat, doesn't mean I'm not listening." he said.

Afterwards, Kylie and I went back to my house. My parents were out eating dinner meaning the whole house was left empty to us. "Thanks for letting me stay with you and your family for an entire year. My parents sold ours to buy a house in California so I wouldn't have to stay at the dorms there." she said.

"Not a problem." I smiled as we both went upstairs. "I think I'm really going to enjoy this year. You know, being with my closest friends and you." she smiled.

"Me too." I said.

"Well, I should go get ready for bed. Good night Liam."

"Night Kylie." I watched her walk down the hallway to the guest room, which was now temporarily her room before entering my own room. I closed the door behind me and took a shower, then got dressed for bed.

This year was going to be great. A year that I would get to spend with my friends, and most importantly, Kylie. I'm still surprised how I never got the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend. Soon. I thought to myself with a smile, then went to sleep.

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