Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


21. War

(This chapter is good to read if you listen to Madhouse by Little Mix or Lucky Strike by Maroon 5.)

Mariah's POV: These vampires seemed pretty confident. That's of course they didn't know wolves were fighting as well. There's something you don't see everyday. The pack and I ran through the forest. We stood about 100 feet away. But enough to hear so we know when to come in. This was so exciting to fight my enemies. I mean even though it's not the first time I've done it. When I heard Paul say "we're not fighting alone" The pack and I ran to join. I stepped out onto the battlefield. "These are just humans."One of them laughed. "Not anymore."Paul smirked. We all changed into our forms and the opposing blood suckers freaked out. Time to die mother fuckers. "Where's Liam?"Bern asked. "After Shianne."Cassie showed up in perfect time. "Why?"Paul growled. "She called him. She said Phobos is hurting her like crazy. He couldn't take it anymore."She said. Of course he would do that. I wish I could say something. "Are we going to socialize or are we going to fight?"The opposing side asked. We charged. 10 opposing vampires were dead in seconds. Ha ha. This was fun. I jumped on top of a blonde vampire and bit her head off throwing the bitter taste out of my mouth. I wish I could wash my tongue right now. Because this was disgusting. I killed about 20 vampires in the past 4 minutes. It felt good but god damn. They obviously don't know anything about showers. 

Cassie's POV: Harry threw me toward the two twin vampires and I held them down in a head lock. I used my electricity power and their heads shot off in an instant. I jumped up using my eye lasers I shot about 30 of the opposing vampires. I only killed 10. Crap. The 20 came at me fast and I jumped in mid air. I had to do something. One of them grabbed my leg and pulled me down creating a crater 20 feet thick down on the earth. He was going down. I got up my eyes glowing a bright green. "You better run mother fucker."I growled. I grabbed him by his neck and threw him across the field. Harry caught him and snapped his head. I bet Phobos will be happy to find out his army sucks. They were so easy. Like taking candy from a baby. I could see Bern fighting. Teleporting everywhere to get them dizzy. Then Niall crushed their heads. They were so cute together. "Cass behind you!"Katelyn shouted. I was pinned down. This guy thinks he's going to kill me. Ha what an idiot. I put my hands to his head and electrocuted  the shit out of him. "Andrew!"The girl shouted running to him. "Please don't kill me! I don't want to fight you!"She cried. "Then why are you here?"I asked. "Andrew wanted to and I don't know how to fight."She sobbed. She was half human. "Go by the tree over there. We'll talk later."I ordered and she did what she was told. I killed more vampires but it felt like they were multiplying. I kept killing and killing.

Katelyn's POV: I didn't really like this whole killing thing but it wasn't as hard as they described it. I figured that they would at least put up a fight. Kendall and I sticked together. He was the only one I really knew here. Well Him, Shianne and Alley. I felt like I was killing more than there were. Kendall and I combined our powers to create a vortex and suck a lot of the vampires in then kill them from that point on. It worked but it didn't last forever. I had to admit this was pretty cool. I never knew vampires had so many responsibilities. Like keeping themselves out of trouble. I fought and fought. I'm not going to give up. Remember Katelyn. This is for Shianne.

Liam's POV: I let Shianne go. Phobos wanted to fight. I'm willing to put up the challenge. "Liam?"Shianne looked at me. "Yes love?"I asked. "Kick his ass."She gave me strength and I felt a smirk crawl upon my face. Phobos ran toward me. I dodged him running behind him. I picked him up throwing him across the warehouse. "Your a clever one. I must admit that."He said. I ran toward him jumped up and got on him. He flipped me over. "But still a little to dumb to know that you'll never beat me."With that he threw me out the warehouse. I skidded across the grass waiting for him to appear. I remembered what Paul said to me when we were training. "Pretend Phobos killed Shianne."I know that was little harsh but it got me mad enough to fight. Phobos appeared with a little smile spread across his face. I was ready for the unthinkable. I got up on my feet and charged pushing him across the warehouse. He picked me up throwing me down to the ground. I grabbed his arms and flipped him over. This wasn't going to be pretty. I slammed him down swinging him in the face a couple times. I was about to snap his head when he got his strength back to throw me again. I landed right next to Shianne. She looked at me. Her eyes full of hurt. I got to my feet. I had to fight for Shianne. This was going to end. Tonight. 

Zayn's POV: I was thrown pretty much at least 10 feet. Is that all it had? To throw me so little? I got onto my paws and charged it throwing it a whole lot farther. Mariah was a flipping killing machine. She killed every damn vampire she laid her eyes on. "Mariah save some for me."I thought. "Well you better start on your share then before I finish it for you boy."She said. I huffed and started to kill vampires. Chomp. Dead. This was pretty damn fun. I felt so strong. Fearless. No wonder Mariah was killing constantly. She's just a nut bag. I'm sure Cassie said the same thing about her. I bit the lead of the group and his head came off. Now what are they going to do? All the vampires stopped in place and stared at the horrific sight. They all ran away. There were only like 30 left. "Well I guess that's the end of that. Thank you Zayn."Spencer said. "So it's over?"Cassie asked. "I guess so."Paul said. "In that case we better help Liam."Cassie ran off into the woods. Liam needed help? I followed her through the woods. Mariah right on my tail. We ran to this warehouse. Liam was thrown out the warehouse. Holy fuck. What the hell was going on? "The wars over?"He asked. "I guess I killed the leader and the rest of what was left ran off."I said to him. "How many were left?"He asked. "30 or so."I said. He nodded. There out of the distance stood the most ugliest vampire I have ever seen. 

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