Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


7. Troublemaker

Liam's POV: I glared at Cassie as she stood there. "Well don't you look mad?"She smirked. Shianne looked at me. "C'mon lets go talk."She walked toward Shianne. I stepped in front of Shianne blocking Cassie from taking her away. "No."I growled. Cassie took a step back. "Let her decide on her own Liam."Cassie said folding her arms across her chest. I looked at Shianne. She looked at me. "I want to see what she has to say."She said walking past me. I turned and watched her as she walked away with Cassie. I put my hands behind my head. She better not hurt Shianne or i'll kill her. 

Shianne's POV: I don't know if it was a great idea going with Cassie. But I wanted to know what she had to say. We sat down in her room. She had a bed that she got on right away. I stood to be cautious of what she is going to do. "Calm down I'm not going to hurt you. Although your scent is wondrous."She smiled. I raised my eyebrow and stepped toward the door. I put my hand on the handle and got a shock of electricity flowing up my arm. "Electric powers are great."Cassie smirked as I jumped back away from the door. "Ow! God dammit!"I yelled. "Sorry a little to much shock on that.Look I want to tell you why Liam hates me now sit down so I can tell you."She pointed at a chair that I sat down at. "OK. When I was a baby, My mother died giving birth to me. My father knew Liam and he didn't want me so I was placed on Liam's front door. Since then Liam has raised me along with Harry. Harry was a newborn vampire at the time so Liam had to train him what to do and all that other crap. Well about 6 months ago. Harry changed me so we could be together forever. Well Liam thought I asked Harry to change me and now he can't stand the sight of me. Now he has you. He is going to protect you and take care of you as much as he did me."She sighed. "Wait you think I took him from you?"I asked. She nodded. "I did no such thing! Liam kissed me actually."I said. She looked at me. "Wait HE KISSED YOU?!"She yelled. I nodded. I wanted to leave but I was afraid of touching the door. "That asshole!"Her eyes turned bright green and a laser came out of them as she shot a giant hold through the wall. "Hey. Calm down."I said. Her eyes went back to dark red and she sat down on her couch. "I'm sorry if you think  I took him from you Cassie. But I think you should try to work things out with him. Its both of your guys fault that you won't talk."I was about to walk out when Liam busted in. "OK I can't take it anymore Cassie. I think you had enough-"He was interrupted when he stared at the giant hole through the wall. "OK we're leaving now."He grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs.I didn't even got to hear what Cassie had to say.  Bern had my dinner ready. "Bon Appetit!"She smiled. I sat down and looked at the plate of tacos. "Thank you Bern."I smiled. "Actually you can thank Harry. He made it." I looked around for Harry. Where was he? "Uh he isn't here."I said. "Oh well I'll thank him for you when he gets back."She said. When I finished eating, Bern and I cleaned up the mess Harry made with the dishes. Cassie walked in front of me as I washed the dishes. "Hi Cassie!"Bern smiled. "Hi Berny."Cassie smiled back. "Shianne I'm sorry we got off at the wrong foot. I just get mad when it comes to Liam. I'm happy your with Liam. Can we be friends?"She sputtered out. I smiled. "Of course."I said. "Hi babe."Harry came along and gave Cassie a kiss. "Hi Harold."She smirked. "Stop calling me Harold!"He whined. I smiled. "Oh Harry thank you for the amazing dinner."I said. He nodded. His face went whiter than it should be. "Are you OK?"I asked. He shook his head. "Shianne just walk away before he freaks out."Bern whispered to me. I dried my hands and walked away to Liam. He wrapped his arm around my waist and laughed at Paul's story. I looked as Harry walked slowly upstairs. He turned to face me. His red eyes widened and he walked toward me. I tugged Liam's shirt. "What's up with Harry?"I asked. He looked at Harry. "Harry no calm down."He got in front of me. I watched as Harry just stood there looking at me. "She smells so good."He choked. "Harry stop."Cassie's voice rang like bells. I looked around. Louis,Niall,Paul,Bern and Spencer all crowded around us in a circle. Harry ran and threw Liam across the living room. He got to me grabbed my arm. My eyes widened.I tried to set myself free. I then realized I was pretty much dead. "Harry NO!"Liam shouted and pushed him out of the way. He wrapped his arms around my waist. Harry walked back over and tried to get a hold of me. Tears ran down my cheeks as I buried my face into his shirt. "Harry just stop it."Cassie said. I looked up my face bright red face slowly made its way around Liam's body to see what was going on. Cassie was talking to him. He got up and pushed her out of the way, walking toward me again. "Harry!"Cassie's eyes turned green. Harry's body was covered in a green glow. "Let me free!"He hollered. "Go Liam get her out of here now!"Cassie ordered. Liam picked me up bridal style and we walked out of the house. He set me down in the middle of the woods and wiped my tears with his thumb. "I'm sorry about Harry. He just hasn't gotten used to you yet."He tried to make me smile but I was just so afraid of what just happened. "Does me mean what he did?"I asked. My voice cracking as I spoke. "No. He can't help it."Liam said. I laid my head on Liam's shoulder and he rubbed my back as I calmed down and regained my skin color. "He's just a little troublemaker."Liam smiled. 

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