Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


13. The Training pt.1

Liam's POV: "Paul I need to tell her what's going on or she'll get mad at me."I tried to reason with Paul.I needed to tell Shianne the truth. I hated keeping it from her. Technically, I hated to lie. "No Liam. We don't need her blowing this for us. Besides she's fine not knowing."He said pulling out some old records from the hospital to do a check-up on them. (Paul and Spencer work together). "Well one of Phobos's spies was on Shianne's roof last night. I said it was probably thunder but she didn't believe me. Paul we can't keep hiding this from her."I said. He looked up from his desk and stared at me. "Liam I think it's best to let me think about this. Go leave me to my work.And don't read my mind either."He said. I sighed and walked out. Shianne will find out eventually and I'll have to take the blame for it. I'm going to tell her whether Paul likes it or not. Harry walked up to me. "Time to train."He smirked. Harry was exited to see what would go down between Niall and Mariah. To be honest I didn't want hell to break loose because of what happened yesterday. Mariah almost took out Niall. I can't let it happen again. Harry and I walked out the door to meet the others. They were all talking goofing around, same old vampires. Then there was Cassie, sitting all by herself. I started to feel bad for what had gone on between us in the past but right now we need space from each other. I hated to say it but I miss Cassie. We had great times together. I shook Cassie out of my mind and saw that everyone left. I raced and caught up with Bern. She was a slow runner and one of the weakest vampires here. But she has one of the strongest powers. She can teleport.  She slowed her running and just walked. I slowed mine as well. She smiled at me. "Hi Liam." I looked over at her. "Hi Berny."Everyone calls her Bern or Berny. (Short for Bernadette). "So why did you stop running."She asked. "I don't know. I didn't catch up with anyone and I saw you so I figured I would hang with you until we got there."I smiled at her. She nodded her head and looked at the ground. "You know I could just teleport right?"She asked. "Yes I know you could of." "Well we better get going if we want to train."With that she teleported to the field and I was left alone. Walking through the woods. 

Shianne's POV: Liam said he was going to be hunting all week and maybe next week as well so that means I needed to find something fun to do. There was nothing to do at all in my house so I called up Alley. We're walking around town with Kendall and Katelyn. At least it will keep me busy. I slipped on my blue converse and I walked out the door.I got into my car and turned it on. I pulled out of my driveway and drove to the gas station where we were supposed to meet. They were all standing there waiting for me. They all got excited  when I got out of my car. "OK ready to go!"Kendall exclaimed. I nodded and we started walking. I didn't really know Kendall or Katelyn so I was little bored the whole time. But Kendall was hilariously funny. Had me in hysterics at some times of the walk. We went separate ways when it came to the store. Kendall and Katelyn went to explore the woods while Alley and I went to the store. We were looking for hair bows when we heard a scream. Followed by multiple screams. We ran out into the woods to look for Kendall and Katelyn. She laid there unconscious. Kendall was screaming his head off. Although I don't know why. I ran to him looking for why he was screaming. I found a human sized bite on his arm. Was he bit by a vampire? This was bad. Real bad. Alley was in tears. "Shianne Katelyn isn't unconscious. She's d-d-d-d-dead."She choked out. Tears streaming down her face. What the hell happened while we were gone? I pulled out my phone and dialed Liam's number. I couldn't help but cry myself. No answer. I kept dialing and just getting voice mail. "Come one Answer!"I cried. He should of been back from hunting by now. 

Liam's POV: I jumped up in the air hitting the tree crumbling it into dust instantly. "Good Liam!"Spencer applauded. I smiled and rubbed it in Harry's face. He didn't destroy the tree as good as I did. "Oh just shut it Liam."He rolled his eyes. I laughed and shoved him playfully. He pushed me back and chuckled. "OK boys settle down."Paul said. "Are we done yet?"Niall asked. "Nowhere near done Nialler."Louis said. Now it was the wolves turn. Mariah used her giant teeth and cut the wood of the tree in half. I have to say it the wolves were pretty strong. "Uh Liam, Your phone keeps ringing."Bern said handing me my phone. I missed 24 calls from Shianne. I heard the voice mail she left. "Liam please answer. I don't know what happened but Katelyn is dead and Kendall keeps screaming. There's a huge bite on his arm."In the back round was a screaming Kendall and a crying Alley. Shianne was crying herself. "Louis come on we need to do something."I said pulling him along. We raced to the woods behind the clothing store. Shianne was curled in a ball sobbing. Alley was trying to save Katelyn. I walked over to Shianne wrapping my arm around her. She looked up, her face all red and puffy. She gave a hug and pointed to Kendall. He was freaking out, his hands twitching. I walked over to him. I couldn't let him die and I couldn't leave him hanging. I put my mouth to the bite and just injected more venom. He was going to have to become a vampire. We could use another right? Alley was watching from afar, now she knew what I was doing because she starting to freak out. "Louis what the hell! Why is he biting Kendall?"She asked. "I'll explain later."He said holding her close. I let go and looked at him. He was still as ever. I hope he doesn't die. Shianne walked over and saw what I did. "What did you do?"She asked. "I changed him."I said. "So he's like a vampire now?"She asked. I nodded. "You have blood all over your mouth."She wiped it off with her finger. She wiped her hand off on her pants. I wrapped my arms around her. "What about Katelyn?"She asked. I looked at Louis. He knows what to do. "Louis will take care of her."I assured her. "What's Paul going to say?"She asked. "I'm sure he'll understand."I said. "Come on I better take you home."I said walking her away from the scene. Niall popped up and he knew what to do. Take Kendall to Paul. 


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