Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


15. The Fake Death of Kendall and Katelyn

Shianne's POV: It was gloomy today. Almost no one had gone to school because of Kendall and Katelyn's death. Niall had changed Katelyn so she was turning over time as well with Kendall. I skipped school to go to Liam's house to check on my friends. Louis had to tell Alley that they were vampires so she wouldn't freak out about what had happened. I slipped on my shoes and got into my car. I drove to Liam's house. I feel bad for Kendall and Katelyn's parents. They're probably crying their eyes out right now. I pulled up into the driveway and he was there waiting for me. He walked over opening the door for me. "Hi babe."He said pulling me out of my car. He wrapped me in to his arms and kissed me. "How are they?"I asked. "They should be vampires by tomorrow."He said. I felt relieved. Knowing that they'll be OK made me feel better. As for Alley, she couldn't really take the whole vampire thing in. I think she doesn't believe Louis. That's all. "Shianne it's getting quite late. You should head off to bed."Liam said. "You have no bed remember?"I smiled. "Now I do."He smirked taking me by the hand upstairs. When we walked in I was greeted by a bed in the room where his couch used to be. It was a black framed bed with golden knobs. I sat down on it. It was really comfortable. The sheets were completely silk and gold. The comforter was a beautiful turquoise. "Liam you didn't have to get something so fancy."I smiled. "It's all for you."He said. Liam walked over to me taking my hands in his. Our fingers locked together. "I love you."His eyes were a blue gray. "I love you more."I played. "I love you most."He pushed me down onto the soft bed and hovered over me. I unbuttoned his shirt letting his skin be exposed. I don't think he really cared as long as I didn't take it far. He kissed me slowly and passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. This is how we liked it. There was loud knock coming from Liam's door. "Ugh what now."He growled. I followed him to the door. "Liam. They're awake."Harry's eyes were wide. 

There was destruction everywhere outside.Kendall and Katelyn were out of control . "Oh my god! OK now I believe in this whole vampire thing!"Alley screamed. "Wait they're going to attack Shianne and Alley! Louis we need to protect them."Liam demanded and I was blocked by Liam. Katelyn toward me like a bullet on a gun but Liam picked her up and threw her across the yard. Kendall came at Louis and Alley but Louis just grabbed him by his neck and held him down. Katelyn wasn't going to give up so Cassie held her still. "Listen both of you! Your new to this family so I am telling you now. Do not cause any hurting things to the environment. Do not hurt these humans. Only kill animals. No human at all."Spencer said. They both nodded and were set free. "Harry and Cassie will teach you how to hunt."Paul said and the four of them were off. Liam came back over to me and wrapped his arm around me. There was a weird figure in the back of the woods. It just came closer and closer to us. "Liam?"I asked. He stood there motionless. "What is Cyberious doing here?"Louis asked. A dark skinned man wearing a red robe walked toward us. His eyes were darker than Harry's. "Paul. You have two new members to your coven."He said. Paul nodded. "Yes we do. There names are Kendall and Katelyn."He said. "Interesting. Do there parents know of there deaths?"He asked. "Yes they do."Paul said. "You are fighting Phobos' army correct?"He asked. I furrowed my eyebrows. Liam's grip on me tightened. "Yes sir."He gulped. What does Cyberious mean by fight? "Phobos's army is powerful. Good luck to all of you."He said making direct contact with me. "I assume he is after her?"He pointed at me making my eyes wide. Paul nodded. So that's what Liam was doing? Training for this? Why didn't he ever tell me? I looked at him in the eyes. He mouthed "Sorry" to me. I made him let go of my waist and I stormed into the house. Liam followed me. "Shianne please I'm sorry."He begged. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"I growled. "Paul told me not to! I wanted to I really really wanted to!"He whined. "You were training for this fight. Why would you keep that a secret?"I glared at him. "Paul believes any human that knows about any vampire fight will run away making it easier for the opposing side to kill that human."He said. I looked at the ground. Liam walked over to me lifting my chin up. "Look Shianne. You know I would of told you."He said making a puppy dog face. I couldn't resist him when he made is puppy dog face. "Alright fine. I forgive you. Just promise me you'll never lie to me again."I said. "I cross my heart."He whispered. I smiled and gave him a kiss. "Should we go back outside?"I asked. "No Paul has it all under control."He smiled. We walked back up to his room. I yawned stretching my arms high in the air. "Someone's tired."He exclaimed wrapping his arms around me. "I know I need to lay down."I smiled. Liam picked me up bridal style and carried me to his bed. He un folded the blanket,laid me down and re folded them. "Goodnight love."He whispered and kissed my forehead. "Goodnight"I yawned. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

Cassie's POV: This was exiting training new vampires. I showed Katelyn how to kill an animal instantly to suck the blood from them. She learned it instantly. Harry showed Kendall how to hunt and he seemed to learn it fast as well. When we got done we all just sat down against a tree and hung out talking and laughing. Harry laughed so hard at one of Kendall's jokes that he fell out of the tree. "Harry your such an idiot!"I laughed. "Well thank you guys again for teaching us how to hunt. I never knew vampires really existed. Now I am one."Katelyn smiled. "Your welcome Katelyn."I said. "When your a vampire you have such an experience. Some vampires have powers. Like me for instance. I can control electric,block of anyone's telekinesis and I have laser eyes. I can also freeze people in place."I added. "I wonder if I have any."Katelyn wondered. "I have a power."Kendall smirked. "What power do you have?"Harry asked. We all watched as Kendall made a rock float and shatter just by staring at it. My eyes widened. "Kendall you can control the rock element!"I exclaimed. "Kate you should try to see if you have a power."Kendall said. "OK i'll give it a shot."She smiled. "Try an element."Kendall smiled. Katelyn nodded and took a breath. When she blew out air gushed around. "Kate! you can control air!"Kendall yelled. I looked at Harry who was a bit upset. "What's wrong Harry?"I asked jumping off the tree to walk over to him. "I'm a loner."He sighed. "No Paul,Spencer,Louis and Niall don't have powers. Your not all alone."I assured him. "Bull shit! But You,Kendall,Katelyn,Liam and Bern all have powers!He whined. "That's something your going to have to used to Harold."I smirked. "Stop calling me Harold!"He was getting angry. "Sorry babe."I apologized. I loved to piss him off. He gets so sexy when he's mad. "Come on guys we better get back."I said running back. 

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