Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


26. Tell me!

Shianne's POV: There was something strange about what Liam is hiding from me. What was he hiding? Was he doing something special for me? Did he do something that would upset me? I was interrupted by my train of thought when Liam had said something. "Huh? Sorry I didn't hear you."I said. "What would you like to watch?"Liam asked. "Oh uh I don't know you choose."I smiled. I really don't care what movie Liam puts on. "How about the Hangover."Liam suggested. "I've already watched that with my brothers like 4,000 times. Something different."I said. He sighed and continued looking through his shelf full of movies. "Oh! What about 21 & over?"Liam asked. "How do you have that? It's not even on DVD yet."I smiled. "I have it on my laptop."He said. "Well no not that one either. It's a little weird. Help me up so I can look."I demanded. Liam smiled and walked over to the bed lifting me up into his arms. He set me down with his arm around my waist for support. I looked through his collection. I didn't really see anything that interested me besides Batman and Toy Story. But Liam and I already watched those. Then I saw The Avengers. "What about The Avengers?"I asked. He nodded. "I'll put it in."He smiled. He picked me back up and carried me back to the bed. I sat up and watched him put the disc in the DVD player. He climbed back into bed snuggling me into his chest. It was nice having someone to watch over me. Especially since my mom abandoned me for that scum of a husband, boyfriend whatever the hell he was. I looked up at Liam who was so interested in seeing Iron Man and Thor kick ass. Then I remembered that's my brother who was Thor. I'm so dumb at times. "You not watching this."Liam looked at me pouting. "Sorry."I smiled. I could feel him now staring at me. I turned and I was right. He smiled at me and kissed me passionately. His hands rubbing my back making me smile even more. It felt nice. His kisses got even sweeter. Then we were interrupted. Cassie knocked and walked in. "I didn't say come in."Liam said. She laughed and handed me my dinner. Harry's famous tacos and some water. "Thanks."I said taking the container. "Oh heck no! Not in this bed. Your going to eat downstairs."Liam said. "Why? I'm not a messy person!"I smiled. "I don't need taco crumbs all over my bed miss."He said picking me up to carry me downstairs. I sighed and let him carry me down the dining room. He sat me in a chair and set my food down on the table. "I'll be back."He said. "Wait where are you going?"I asked grabbing his arm. He turned. "Vampires need to eat as well."He joked with me. I shook my head. "Not without a kiss!"I pulled him to me placing my lips against his. I could hear various awes in the background. "Have fun."I smiled. "I will."With that him and Harry went out the back door. I looked at my food. I was craving these. I took my taco and took a bite. Cassie watched as I ate. "So Shi did Liam tell you?"She asked. I was about to choke on my food. He was supposed to tell me something?! "No."I stammered trying to contend myself from choking. "Oh."Was all she said. No clue? Nothing to let me know what he was hiding. "What was he supposed to tell me?"I asked. "I can't tell you if he hasn't. I don't know if I'm allowed."She said. "It's alright! Tell me!" I demanded. She shook her head. You've gotta be kidding me. I just gave up and finished eating. I'll get it out of Liam if Cassie can't tell me.

I heard a slight rummaging noise coming from somewhere around the room. My eyes opened. I sat up turning on the light. Liam was walking around looking for something. "Love go back to sleep."He insisted. I shook my head. "No I'll wait for you to finish whatever it was you were looking for."I said. He rolled his eyes and continued ransacking his drawers. When he found what he was looking for, he rushed it out his room. My guess was downstairs. He came back and laid down. I just sat there and looked at him. "What?"He asked. I'm going to find out what he's hiding. "So Cassie told me you were supposed to tell me something?"I asked. His eyes turned black. "What do you mean?"He asked. "She said Shi did Liam tell you?"I said. His hands were in fists. "Oh she did. Well I'll just have a talk with her."He tried hiding his angry face with a smile. "Since when do you and Cassie talk?"I asked raising an eyebrow. Was that what he was hiding from me? Did him and Cassie make-up? He turned around. "I didn't tell you? Cassie and I made up the other day. Now let me go talk to her about what she was supposed to say."He walked out. I was glad him and Cassie made up but now I was even more eager than ever to know what he was hiding from me. 

Liam's POV: "Cassie can I talk with you?"I asked. She perked her head up from the couch and got up. "What?"She asked following me out the back porch. "Why did you ask Shianne if I told her something?"I asked. "I didn't know you were hiding it from her! Don't kill me please!"She begged. I rolled my eyes and put my hands against the ledge of the porch. "I don't want her knowing the surprise I have for her. Now she's eager to know."I said. "Sorry."She apologized. "It's OK. What am I supposed to say?"I asked. "Uh just tell her that us making up was the secret."She suggested. "No I hate lieing to her.". Cassie sighed and looked out into the woods. "Liam?"I turned around to see Harry standing there. "Shianne wants you."He said. I walked up to my room. I opened the door. "Love I think you should go to sleep. It's 1 am."I smiled. Her blue eyes were plenty needed of a deep sleep. She yawned. "No not until you tell me what's going on."She demanded. "I already told you. Cassie and I made up."I lied. I hated what I just did. But she believed me because she looked a little dissapointed. "Oh."She laid her head down on the pillow as she soon fell asleep again. I smiled and got into bed with her. She turned and came closer to me snuggling into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her close. As long as she didn't question me then I guess her surprise is still a secret.  

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