Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


4. Secrets

I woke up later than usual. 10:30. I guess that was OK. I got out of bed and walked my way to the bathroom. I undressed and took a long hot shower. I washed my hair,body and shaved my legs. I wanted to wear a dress today so this was necessary. I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my body. I slipped on my dress and walked downstairs. It was already 12:00. I made myself a turkey sandwich admiring the plants outside the window. Slowly I ate my sandwich bit by bit. Once I was done I sat on the couch and watched some television. 

I drove in to Heatherfield admiring the big skyscrapers. This was a huge city. I drove to the dress shop. Alley was sitting there waiting. I parked the car next to her car. I stepped out running to the sidewalk before I get ran over. "Hey girl!"Alley smiled widely hugging me. "Hi."I hugged back. "OK ready for some dress shopping?"She asked. I nodded. We walked in and took the quickest room we found. I tried on some dresses. They weren't pretty on me at all. I soon found a baby pink dress with ruffles. It was above knee in the front, but it was long in that back. I loved it. "Alley look at this dress!Its perfect!"I cried out walking around in my new prom dress. "That so beautiful Shianne. What do you think of mine?"She asked strutting around in a long silky black dress. It had silver sequins running across under her chest. "Thats so gorgeous Alley."I smiled as she spun around in her dress. "OK lets pay then find a restaurant to eat at, I'm starving!"Alley exclaimed. "OK sounds like a plan."I smiled. I took off my dress and paid for it. I was lucky. Its on sale for 150.00. It usually costs 300.00.  We walked along the sidewalk looking around for any sign of food. To be honest I was getting hungry myself. We passed so many other stores that caught my eye but it was all just junk. I passed a bookstore that caught my eye. Daydreamers. "Alley I'll catch up with you. I want to check out this bookstore."I said crossing the street. "OK I'll call you when I find a restaurant!"She called out as I walked into the bookstore. The cashier greeted me. I smiled as I walked around. I had a thing for mystical books so that's where I looked first. There were some interesting books but my eye settled on Mythical Creatures. I paid for it then walked out. I tried to call Alley but she didn't answer. I sighed. I walked down the long dark road. I felt a little scared because I never been on this road and it was black out. "I'm going to die."I said to myself and I kept walking. 

Liam's POV: I ran into the house. That was an amazing hunting trip. Definitely the best meal I had in ages. Cassie kept trying to communicate to me but I never answered. She hurt me and tore me apart. She promised me she wouldn't change. Yet she asked Harry to change her. I haven't heard from Shianne at all today. I figured she would be texting me non stop. My phone never made a sound, vibration. I hope she is OK. I better check on her. I opened up the front door before I even stepped out Cassie was already standing out there waiting for me. I sighed. "What Cassie? What could you possibly want?"I asked raising my hands in the air for defense. She made a face then began. "Liam I didn't to change! You know that!"She yelled. "No I didn't know. Nor do I care. Cassie I raised you your whole life and this is how you pay me back?"I growled. "Liam fucking Payne listen to me! Harry changed me because he wanted us to be together forever. I didn't have any part of this. Believe me."There was a spark in her eyes. "I wish I could."I whispered trying to hold back my guilt. I hated fighting with her but I didn't want her in my life anymore. She's in the past. She slumped her shoulders and sped away. I looked at the ground. I couldn't take one more day of her. I ran to Shianne's house to see if she was OK like I was planning on doing before Cassie interrupted me. I looked in the window. Lights were dark. She wasn't home. Where was she? Her scent was fresh so she must of left about 3 hours ago. I followed her scent all the way to Heatherfield. What was she doing here this late? Then I remembered she brought up going here with Alley to go dress shopping for prom to me when I was over.I followed her scent down alleys and sidewalks until I finally found her running from thugs. I climbed on top of the S&M building and waited for the right time. 

Shianne's POV: I ran as fast as I could. I needed to lose the thugs. I ran shortcuts through alleys but I just seemed to draw them closer to me. I ran into an alley next to the S&M building. Dead end. "Crap."I whispered to myself. They got closer to me. I stepped back hitting the wall. "Hey beautiful. Why you runnin' away?"One thug asked. I gulped. I'm so dead. "Why don't you take that dress off?"Another thug asked. Yep I'm dead. I heard a thump on the ground. What was that? "Leave her alone."It was low British voice that growled at the thugs. "Liam?"I asked.What the hell? How did he find me? "Awe pretty boy wanna go?"He walked toward Liam. He was going to get hurt. "Don't break a nail."The thug said swinging at him. Liam grabbed his fist and twisted it. The man screamed in pain. Liam picked him up and threw him into the building. The other men ran away muttering under their breath. Liam walked over to me. "Are you OK?"He asked. I nodded to dumbfounded to speak. He grabbed my hand pulling me close to him. "C'mon lets get you some food."He said guiding me out of the alley. We walked along the sidewalk. I finally had the courage to speak. "Where the hell did you come from?I asked. "I was walking along the sidewalk with my friend Harry when I saw you so I went to help."He smiled at me. "Your so strong!"I exclaimed to him. "I took boxing."Liam wrapped his arm around me guiding me to a restaurant. We walked in and sat down at a window seat. I looked Liam in the eyes. I felt so uneasy when I was around him. I never felt this about a guy. Then again Liam's different from other guys. He's hard to figure out. I ordered my dinner. Liam didn't order a thing. 'Your not hungry?"I asked him. He shook his head. "Liam how did you get to me so quickly?"I asked. "What do you mean?"He asked. "I mean there would be no way you would of stopped those thugs in time."I raised an eyebrow waiting for my answer. "I don't know."He looked down at the ground. "And there was a thump sound. You weren't on the ground." He face palmed himself. "Just stop."He growled. "Why? Are you to afraid of the truth?"I asked. "No You don't understand. You'll never understand."He said about to get up. "Don't go. I don't need to know."I wanted him to sit back down. He smiled lightly and sat back down. I ate my food and Liam paid for me. We walked out. Alley was walking across the street. "Oh my god there's Alley."I said. She ran over. "Oh my god where were you?"She asked. I looked at Liam. He slightly shook his head. "Just hanging with Liam. When I was looking for you I ran into him."I lied. She nodded. "Oh did you atleast eat?"She asked. "Yea of course I did."I smiled. "I'll take you home Shianne. If you like."Liam volunteered. "Yes that would be nice."I smiled. Liam and I walked to my car. He opened the door for me. I smiled and got in. He got into the driver side. It felt weird being in the passengers side of my own car. When we got back to my house. Liam gave me a hug and dissapeared into the darkness. I can't believe he is going to walk home in the dark. I walked inside and shut my door. I pulled out my book I bought and skimmed through it. I fell on the vampire chapter. I had a thing for vampires. I loved all Dracula movies. I read it and found different things for a vampire. They had cold skin. That reminded me of Liam. Not like he was a vampire. I smiled and read on. If they drank human blood their eyes were red and if they drank animal blood their eyes were gold. I thought of Liam's eyes being gold. I stopped. Liam couldn't be a vampire. He just couldn't. I read on. They were incredibly strong. I remember Liam throwing that thug just a few short hours ago. Vampires were fast. Thats how he came to me fast. I read on. They could track a certain scent. Thats how Liam knew I was in Heatherfield. My exact location. So Liam wasn't human. He was telling me the truth about he was different. How he didn't fit in. He was a vampire.

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