Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


17. Getting Ready for the night of my life.

I started the shower. I really needed to shower. I undressed and stepped in to the shower. Damn this house was so fancy. I scrubbed my hair. Making sure I had no dirt in my hair. I shaved my legs and my under arms. Although there was nothing under them. I like to be prepared for just in case. I washed my body. I turned off the shower and stepped out. I grabbed a towel and wiped myself dry. I wrapped up my hair and put on my clothes. I didn't have to get ready until 4:30. It was only 10:30. I set my hair free and brushed it. I stepped out of the bathroom in my shorts and long sleeved big bang theory shirt. It was with Sheldon on the front and it said "Bazinga". I loved that show. I walked into Liam's room to put my dirty clothes in my bag. "Liam you need to shower now."I said. "No I don't."He said. I furrowed my eyebrows. "You are just as filthy as I am.You need to shower."I said. "No I don't. I showered before while you were eating."He smirked. "You could of told me."I smiled. He got up and walked over to me. His hands reaching for mine. "Tonight is going to be really special."He said. I nodded and let him kiss me. His breath was lingering against mine. "So what does your dress look like?"Liam asked. "You'll see when it's time."I smiled. He sighed. "Come on! Tell me now!"He demanded. I shook my head. He was not going to find out. "Alright I'll find out myself."He smirked. "Can't It's locked in Cassie's closet."I smiled. "Oh I'm not going in there then."He said. Why doesn't he just make up with Cassie. "Liam. Why don't you just forgive Cassie? I mean your technically her father."I said. He looked up from the ground and his eyes went black. "Shianne,she changed on me. I can't let it pass."He whined. "But it wasn't her fault though. It was Harry's."I remember almost 2 weeks ago when I came here. She told me so much things about her and Liam. There fight they had. Liam hadn't talk to her 6 months straight. "Think about it."I said to him. I let myself free of Liam's grasp and I sat down on his bed. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and looked at my text messages. Nothing. I'm such a loser. I set it down when Liam walked over to the bed and laid down across it. I smiled knowing this was my chance to sit on him. I crawled across the bed and sat on his lower stomach. I laid my head down on his chest and snuggled with him. 

It was 4:30. Liam and I were dancing to music again. There was knock on the door. "Shi it's time."Alley voice was shaking. She must of been really exited. I looked at Liam. "I'll be waiting downstairs in the living room."He smiled. He watched as I walked out of his bedroom. Alley pulled me along to Cassie's bathroom. We had to pass through her room. The hole she made was patched up. Alley knocked on the door and Cassie opened it. We walked in and I was first to get ready. Cassie did my hair. She curled the tips of hair for my hair bow. That's how I liked my hair. I got up while she did Alley's hair. I pulled out my baby pink dress and slipped it on. I loved this dress to much. I put on my baby pink heels and walked around to break them in. "Shianne you look hot."Cassie said. I raised my eyebrow. "I don't know how to respond to that."I started laughing. "If I was a guy you would look hot. That's what I mean."She said. "OK that's a little better but I still don't know how to respond to that."I smiled. "Oh well just come here so I can do your bow."She smiled. She put the ponytail in my hair then added the bow. "OK now lets do your make-up."Cassie shrieked in excitement. "Whoa. No I don't need any."I said. "Awe fine at least mascara."She said. She applied my mascara and I fluttered my eyelashes. "Shianne you look so beautiful."Alley smiled. She had her black dress and flats on. "OK Alley let's do your make-up."Cassie smiled. 

Liam's POV: I waited a while before I got my tux on. Considering girls take longer to get ready. It was 5:00 when I walked into my closet. I pulled out my black tux with the white bow on it. I figured it was suitable. Plus Cassie with her loud mouth, Shianne was wearing a bow. I undressed only left in my boxers. I slipped on my white undershirt before putting my button up shirt on. I put on my pants and socks. I slipped on my shoes and put on my jacket. I did my bow tie and looked at myself in the mirror. I fixed my hair making my sure my whoosh was up like Zayn's. I smiled at myself and walked downstairs to be greeted by Louis. He was in his lucky tux. It was 5:30 and we didn't have to be at prom until 6:00. So in a way the girls needed to get done. I heard footsteps and there she was. Standing at the top of the steps. She was a stunning sight to see. I was glad she was mine. Her eyes twinkled when she saw me. Her hand touch the railing as she walked down. I walked toward the end of the stairs and took her hand in mine. "You look so beautiful Shianne."I whispered against her ear. "I know."She chuckled. I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arm around her. guiding her outside. Her dress was above knee in the front but it had gone long in the back. I opened the passenger car door for her and she got in. Tonight was going to special. Tonight I was going to love more than I ever did before. 

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