Red Hero

Shianne's father died and her mom moved away. She was knew here in Hemlock Grove. It was nothing but woods. She was new to the school had nobody to talk to until she met Liam Payne. He was so different. He was nothing she had ever met before. (Lets just say he isn't human) Find out what happens when you read Red Hero


23. Another sudden change.

Liam's POV: Louis knocked on Alley's door. There stood a girl with dark jet black hair. Her eyes a dark red. Phobos's daughter Ginger. There was a scream coming from inside. "Alley!"Louis screamed. Ginger smirked and pushed Louis across the yard. She looked at me and her hands were in fists. "You killed my father."She growled. "Yea. I did."I grabbed her arms and flung her across the yard into a tree. Louis got on top of her and started punching the crap out of her. "Louis!"Alley screamed. I smelt blood. I walked in to her house and saw her laying there. She was stabbed. My eyes widened. "Louis!"I screamed. "Um kinda busy!"He said. "Hold on Alley."I assured her. I ran back out there to Louis to help him. "What's wrong?"He asked as he tried to fight of  Ginger. "Hold on. I'll help you."I said. I got behind Ginger and held her down. "Why don't you go join your dad."Louis said and snapped her head. "Louis Alley was stabbed. She doesn't have a lot of blood left."I said. His eyes widened. He raced to the inside of her house and I was left with the body of the devil's daughter. 

Louis's POV: "No no no!"I raced into Alley's house. She laid there sobbing. "Louis. That girl stabbed me."She cried. "I'll take you to a hospital."I said. She nodded and I picked her up speeding off the hospital. 

I waited in the waiting room for more than 3 hours. Katelyn soon came because she was close to Alley. "Is she going to be OK?"Katelyn asked. "I don't know. The doctor hasn't come to tell me anything yet."I said. Katelyn and I paced around. I hope she was going to be OK. There was knock on the wall and I turned to see the doctor standing there. "How is she?"I asked. "We can't help her. She lost to much blood. Your going to have to let nature take it's course."He said. I dropped to my knees. "So she's going to die?"I asked. He nodded. "I'm sorry Mr. Tomlinson. We did everything we could."He said. I nodded. The other doctors gave me the sleeping girl I loved and I carried her back to the house. I was so upset. "Louis is she going to be OK?"Harry asked as soon I walked in. "NO! NO SHE'S NOT! THE DOCTOR COULDN'T HELP HER AND THEY SAID SHE'S GOING TO DIE."I yelled. "Louis let me take a look at the wound."Spencer said taking her out of my arms. I sat down on the couch and sobbed to myself. "It'll be OK Lou if anything change her."Harry said putting his hand on my shoulder. I looked up at him. "It's not fair. Shianne got bit and yet she lived!"I argued. "That's because Liam was able to save her in time."He said. "Louis I can't help her."Spencer said. I sighed and I felt like crying. I walked into the room where she slept peacefully. I remember what Harry had said. If anything change her. "I'm so sorry for the pain your going to feel."I whispered to her. I put my lips against her neck making a gap in her skin. She screamed. "LOUIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"Spencer asked. I kept injecting more venom. She better change. I let go of her and looked at Spencer. "It's for the best."I said. "So you kill her?"He asked. "No, no I changed her."I said. He blew a sigh of relief. "Spencer I love her. She's important to me. "I said. He nodded. "Alright then Louis. Let her be. I'll have Cassie and Katelyn clean her up."He said. I walked out of the room and Harry looked at me. "You changed her?"He asked. I nodded. "I need her Harry."I said. "I know Lou I know. Come on let's go hunting."He smiled. 

Shianne's POV: I was awoken by a loud scream. It sounded like Alley. I shot up from bed. Probably not my best idea ever. "Ow."I said putting my hand up to my neck. My neck wound throbbed. I looked around realizing I was in Liam's bed. Oh yeah. Duh. I uncovered myself to notice I was only in Liam's shirt and my undies. What was Alley screaming about? I moved my legs so I was able to get out of bed, but as soon as I stood on my own, I fell flat on my face. How come I wasn't strong enough just yet? I had plenty of sleep. Then I realized how hungry I was and how thirsty I am. I need some water. Something to make me feel better. I grabbed a hold of the bed frame to help me up back in to bed. There was a door opening and I looked up to see Cassie bringing me a bottle of powerade and a bagel. "Shianne are you OK?"She asked putting my food down. "Yea I'm just a little weak that's all."I tried to get up but I just fell again. "Shianne how did you get out of bed?"She asked helping me back in bed. "I heard someone screaming. I wanted to see who it was. Let's just say I can't walk."I tried to smile. She rolled her eyes. "Of course your weak. You haven't ate for the past 48 hours."She said handing me my drink and bagel. I opened up my drink and guzzled at least half of it down in one sip. "And that screaming was Alley."She said. I knew it sounded like her. "Is everything OK?"I asked. She shook her head. "I'm afraid not. She was attacked by Phobos's daughter. She lost to much blood. So Louis had to change her."She said. I felt a tear come out of my eye. Who knows how much his daughter caused her. "Wait. Phobos has a daughter?"I asked. Now I'm a little afraid. "No worries though. Liam and Louis killed her."She assured me. I blew a sigh of relief and bit into my bagel. "Cassie I feel bad for Alley. Having to suffer like this. I thought what happened to me was bad."I said. "I know so do I. Shianne. Yours was just as bad."She gave a hug. "Where is Liam anyway?"I asked. "He and Harry took Louis hunting to keep his mind off things. I think Liam just came back in the house anyway."She smiled. I smiled back and waited for him to come in. There was a knock on his door. "Come in."I said. Liam walked in with some flowers. I smiled as he put them on the nightstand. "Feeling better?"He asked. I nodded and took another sip of my drink. "I see your wearing my shirt?"He chuckled climbing bed. "Does it look good on me?"I joked. "It's looks lovely on you."He said kissing my forehead. "I hope you don't mind. I bought you some daises."He said picking up the bouquet of flowers he brought for me. "They're lovely."I said. I finished my bagel and Liam put on a movie for us to watch. It was Batman Begins. He took off his shoes and his shirt. "Uh I'm in here."I said hiding my face under the blanket. He just laughed. "Can I look now?"I asked. "Yes you can look."He said. I peeked my head out to see him in batman pajama pants and a batman shirt. I just smiled as he climbed into bed and wrapped his arm around me. I laid down in his arms resting my head on his shoulder. I knew I was going to fall asleep again. "Did you hear what happened with Alley?"I asked trying to keep myself awake. "Yea. I hope she's OK."He said. I yawned loudly. "I think you should go back to sleep love."He laughed. I yawned again. "Maybe I should."I said. "Yea I can't even here the movie."He complained. I rolled my eyes and snuggled myself into Liam's chest. I closed my eyes and before I knew it, I was asleep. 

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