One Direction Changed my LIfe!!!

Jade is a average eighteen year old 12th graderwho gets picked on constantly picked on for the fact she is smart and pretty and try to change that pretty face of hers but will meeting One Direction change her life.


2. The Concert

I drove us us and we found our seats and I had the backstage passes in my purse One Direction came out "hows it going"everyone screamed but me I just was in shock I couldnt believe there was One Direction right in front of me I was 19 I failed first grade so I could date one of them I was hoping Zayn he was 20 I just graduted 12th grade anyways so I was off to college soon yesterday was my last day in high school. After they sang little things they went to the tweets and mine was first and they asked where I was and I rose my hand they said hi to me. They turned back to the board I was still so extited I couldnt speak then I noticed a poplar Emily just what I needed. After the concert we got to go backstage and meet One Direction "Hello love" Harry said.

"hi" I said my friend just waved we got their atographs and took some pics with them and chatted.

'so how old are you"Harry said being his usaul charming self.

"19"I answered he gave us his number he always was a ladies man my friends and I soon had to leave and before we left Zayn gave me his number and I smiled. i gave him my number to. Then we left. "Guess what" I said we were driving back to my house I didnt give them time to answer and screamed "Zayn gave me his number"

"you should call him"

"tommrow then it wont make me seem desperate or he'll call or text me I gave him my number" We squeled and got to my house my parents were rich (my mum is a model) and I noticed a limo next door I walked inside "whos the new neighbor" I asked "were not quiete sure yet" Mum answered we went up to my room while mum made dinner and looked out the window a tour bus rolled up and out came One Direction.

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