One Direction Changed my LIfe!!!

Jade is a average eighteen year old 12th graderwho gets picked on constantly picked on for the fact she is smart and pretty and try to change that pretty face of hers but will meeting One Direction change her life.


6. Decisions

I decided to text Hannah and Bien in a group message as always.

J:OMG Zayn askedme out but he is leaving in 2 weeks!!! What do I do what do I say?!?!?!?!?!

B:I think you should say yes he might take you with him on the tour!!!!!!

H:I agree!!!!!

J:THX for ya'lls help :)


I went threw my contacts and found Zayn

J:I figured out my answer

Z:Ok what is it



It felt good and who knows I might just go with him on his tour yay! I was super happy that I decided yes but I just was worried about the future I dont wanna be heart broken. But its the future anything can happen.

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