One Direction Changed my LIfe!!!

Jade is a average eighteen year old 12th graderwho gets picked on constantly picked on for the fact she is smart and pretty and try to change that pretty face of hers but will meeting One Direction change her life.


1. School

Im Jade Im in 12th grade and I get bullyied alot. Im smart and pretty they say it dont mix but here I am so they are trying make me ugly or dumb but Im neither of the above "you like having a pretty face"

"yeah and you like to change that" I shot back he hit me.

"hmm you might not be that smart'

"Im smarter than you" He hit me again "you cant make me ugly nor a idiot"

"I beg a differ" He said

"i can rock a nerd look so who cares'

"The populars me"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME yall care of what I look"  I yelled "You shouldnt maybe if you rocked the suspenders  bowtie shorts polo and knee high sneakers with socks that peek out you wouldnt care" I said. (yes I am describing Jade Thirwall of Little Mix but thats this Jades insparation plus this Jade has blonde her) He slapped me one last time before letting me free I grabbed my books and ran down the hall to get to class "Hi Mr.Marly" I said walking in.

"Hello Jade your here early"

"Im always early for my favrite teacher" I said also known as dad yes Mr.Marly was my dad he also was my teacher for lunch "what did you get me for lunch" I asked


"yes" I yelled the bell rung and I took my seat in the back away from the populars. I went and shuffled through my bag no one was here yet " Mr.Marly I think I left my mechical pencil at home' I said he picked up off his desk "thanks" I said I used a certain mechical pencil in each class this math so I used my blue on with the little swirls on it. The bell rung and I went to get my lunch from my dad (everyone knew he was my dad I could extra help from him if needed) I headed to the cafeteria I found my 2 friends Hanah and Bien they were also very pretty and practically like me.

"whats for lunch today"Bien asked I opend my lunch and my dad had a small pizza for each of us and on the bottom of my lunch box laid 3 tickets it was my birthday and each and a ribbon tied on it and a note saying happy birthday Jade I grabbed the tickets and screamed "what" Bien said looking at the tickets I was holding.

"well my dad got us tickets to meet One Direction and did I mention they also give us front row seats right in the middle!!!!!' I said I hid them in my shoe so the populars wouldnt get them they were glaring at me I grabbed our lunches put them back in my lunch box "follow me" I whispered I went to find my dad in his class room and handed him the tickets back "can you hold on to them for us" I asked.

"ofcourse" He said I smiled. Me and my friends went to the court yard thats were the nerds were.

"POPULARS' one person yelled I rolled my eyes it was Nelson.

"Im not popular i'm one of you guys Nelson" I said "oh and them to" they sighed relief.

"ok whats 500x6" Only populars couldnt do this math.

"3000" I was right and they let us stayyou relize Im on the math team and the math teachers daughter I knew I was 6" I said we ate our lunch "oh the concerts tommrow" I said tommrow was saterday so we didnt have school. After school Hannah and Bien were going to sleep over after they got their stuff. I picked out my bow tie polo shorts and my One Direction high socks that at the very top spelled out One Direction. I also got my suspenders that also were One Direction suspenders.

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