The Walking Dead *Daryl Dixon*

A walking dead fanfiction, based on season 3 of The Walking Dead, with a new character.

*I don't own any characters other than Clara*


2. The Helping Hand

Daryl's POV

"Is she alive?" Glenn asks me.

"For the millionth fucking time, I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!" I snap at him. I really shouldn't have, but it's what had to be done, to get him to shut up. The woman that I saved from becoming walker bait, laid on the bed in front of china man and I. I brought her back to Hershal despite what Rick says. She had a pretty bad gash on her leg. At least she wasn't a dumbass who would've let themselves bleed out.

She stirred a little bit, then her eyes opened, and said, "Where am I? Who are you?"

"Glenn, go get Hershal," I say and I sit down on the stool next to the bed. She asks her questions again, but with more force. "Calm down, my name's Daryl, Daryl Dixon," I say to her, "You are in a prison that my group and I took over." She tries to sit up, I get up and help her.

Once she is situated, she says, "What happened?"

"All I know, is that you fell from a tree, and almost became walker bait!" I say as I sit back down.

"Where is my backpack?" she asks.

I grab it, and say, "Rick wanted to go through it to see if you had anything that we need, but I insisted that you need your privacy."

She grabs, opens it up, grabs a water bottle out of it, takes a drink, and says, "Thanks you."

"No problem," I say as Glenn helps Hershal up the steps, and they come in. I help Hershal onto the stool, and stand back a little it.

He looks at the stitches on her leg and changes the pad that was over it, and says, "Well, your leg looks a whole lot better than before. You can get up and walk around, but don't push yourself, and no running."

She looks up at Hershal and says, "Thank you...Hershal right?" He nods. He gets up and Glenn hands him his crutches and the go down to the cafeteria.

"Well, want to meet the rest of the group?" I ask her when she swings her legs of the bed.

"Sure," she says. She tries to get up, but looses her balance. I catch her.

"How many times do I have to save you?" I say laughing.

"Probably a few more times," she says as I help her walk out of her cell and to the stairs.

"I never got your name," I say taking a step down the stairs.

"Clara, Clara Richards," she says when we get down the bottom of the stairs.

"Well, nice to meet you Clara Richards," I say smiling, "Just to warn you, if Beth is hold a baby, it's not hers, it's Ricks. His wife Lori died during a C-Section."

"Okay?" she says questioningly. I help her through the doors and down the stairs into the cafeteria. She sits down at one of the tables and puts her leg up.

I walk over to Carl and ask, "Can you get everyone to come here please?" He nods and runs off.

"So you live here?" she asks when I sit down.

"Yep, it's the ideal place to live in a shitty world like the one we're in!" I say. I look to the door, and see Carl coming in the door with Rick, Michonne, Beth, Lil Ass Kicker, and Carol. Glenn, Hershal and Maggie were already in the cafeteria.

"Who is this?" Rick asks when he comes in.

"This, is Clara, I saved her from being walker bait," I say motioning to her.

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