The Walking Dead *Daryl Dixon*

A walking dead fanfiction, based on season 3 of The Walking Dead, with a new character.

*I don't own any characters other than Clara*


1. Prolouge

I ran.

I ran as fast as I could. I bashed their skulls in, if they got too close. Then I tripped.

I tripped, and I fell, cutting my leg badly as I fell. My knife flew a few yards in front of me. I roll over, and go to get up when a walker lunges at me. I pull my pistol out of the back of my pants and I shoot it and I run and get my knife and strap it back to my leg where it should be. There was a pretty good distance in between the walkers and where I was. I see a good looking tree, and I climb it.

I get a feet above the ground, and I peel my backpack off of my back and grab the first aid kit that I packed. I dig around in it, and find a tourniquet. I tie it around my leg tightly to stop the bleeding. I put the first aid kit back into my bag, and I grab a water bottle and take a small drink out of it. I want to drink the whole think in one big gulp, but I have to make what I have last, until I reach a town and can get to a store and scavenge what I can. I toss the water bottle back into the bag and zip it up.

I look down at the walkers near the tree that I'm in, until I hear someone yell, "Shit!" I start to climb down the tree, until my foot slips and I fall. I hit the ground hard and my vision goes blurry. Someone or a walker, I'm not very sure, comes running and picks me up and leans me against a tree further away from the walkers. The kill most of them, and that's when my vision went black and I passed out.

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