Alex is 16 years old. Her best friend's are Justin Bieber and Anna Justice. Anna is dating Landon Malik. Alex WAS dating Shane Lynch but he broke up with her. Will Alex start to fall for Justin? Will Justin fall for Alex? Or have they liked each other all along. Find out by reading my movella!


2. What Happened?

Justin: So can you like go change cause you're just sitting here in a towel...*chuckles*
Alex: Oh..*laughs* yeah. I'll be right back!
I grab some clothes for my drawer and walk towards the bathroom while Justin just sat on my bed waiting for me.
Justin's POV: *smiles* ~She is so cute. I love her so much. And she looks sexy in just a towel..WHAT DID I JUST SAY? No. I can't have feelings for Alex. That will mess up her relationship with Shane. And it might ruin our friendship. But it wont ruin it if I treat her like a princess... Have I liked Alex all along..?~
Alex's POV: ~Justin is so cute when he laughs. I don't care if he saw me in just a towel. We used to take baths together! He's gotten hotter over the years!! Woaah what did I just say..?! I cant like Justin! I sorta kinda still have a relationship with Shane. And if I date Justin it might ruin our friendship. BUT I know how Justin treats his girlfriends. He treats them like the best thing that has ever been in his life. I wonder if I liked Justin this whole time...~
I finish putting my clothes on and I put my hair in a bun. I walk out of my bathroom to my room.I see Justin has my phone in his hands. I smile at Justin. I hope he notices Im wearing his sweatshirt.
Justin: Nice sweatshirt.
He looks upset.
Alex: What happened..?

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