1D the bounty hunters

justin bieber has been caught stealing a water melon from a shop


1. 1D impossible

'OK guys gather in, harry that includes you and Niall put down the Guinness and get your ass over here' Liam shouted.

'We have the biggest, most powerful, cringe worthy and worst singer of all time on our hands JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Naill faints,Zayn writers a letter home saying that he loves his family,Louis shaves his head and harry well harry just singing

'baby, baby, baby ooooooooo thought you'd always be mine. mine' -_-

'Pull yourself's together'.

now Justin bieber wanted for stealing a water melon from Walmart (Asda).

(Liams pins Justin Beiber's face to the board,we've got a monster to catch'

They set out on there mission only to find that he did in fact steal a PINEAPPLE.

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