My Savior

Emily is in London for a vaction but what happens when she fan girls over Eleanor Calder in a One Direction hotel room. She seems to attrack danger, and creepy old men towards herself, she's bound to have a savior...
When Emily needs saving, Niall jumps in to help.... Or is it more like Emily shows up druged at Niall's hotel door claiming its here room.

Emily is a 17 year old girl that fan girls over Eleanor Calder more than the famous One Direction.

Emily is on vaction with her cousin.... and cousin's boyfriend, Jack.

So, I really hate bad intros.... and I know this sucks but I couldn't sleep so.... here is a brand new story.



1. This Isn't My Room?

Emily's POV:

DING! The elevator sounded to let me know that it had stopped at a floor.  I ran out and straight into a desk.... WOW! I really couldn't see straight.  I got up and turned left and again into a wall... I was now crawling to my room. Why? Causing I was to lazy to get up again.

The room wasn't far away from the elevator but when your crawling and mumbling random stuff about flying taco's, it seems a lot farther than it really is.  Finally, I reached the door. I dumped all my crap from my bag, no not a purse, its a bag to find my room key.

"Three times the charm!" Nope! Great just great.  My key card wasn't working and to make it so much better I just remembered that this old guy said he would meet me in my room and to take another pill when he got there.  See, now normally, I am a very smart thinking person and would never take anything from a stranger, but I had gotten lost and it had started to rain.  It really didn't help that I was wearing all white.

"Ana! Open the damn door!" I had started to bang on the door.  "For crying out loud! Open the door! There is a man following me! Wake up Jack!" Ana where the hell are you? I started to panic, I could hear the elevator coming up.

I was leaning on the door thinking that I'm going to get raped and die, when the door opened.  I saw men feet (don't ask) and I assumed it was Jack.  I crawled inside without grabbing my purse just being grateful that Jack had opened the door.

What made me stop was instead of Jack's country voice, I heard a Irish voice that sounded like a unicorn. What? I'm drudged don't judge me!

"Um.... Excuse me....But this is not your room..." The Irish voice said.

"Oh.. sorry... No wonder my key didn't wo-" I was cut off by two things: I finallied looked up and saw I was in Niall Horan's hotel room, and that I heard the elevator gears going.

"Okay, I know we just meet but please help me! This old guy, is trying to rape me... I think." I said in one breath.

"Okay, hold on." He said after what seem like forever.

"Lad. Liam. Wake up.  I need your help." Niall said.

"What is it? It's 2:10 in the morning! Are you out of your mind?"

"Look, lad.  I think there's a girl thats been drugged and she says that a old man is following her." Liam shot out of his bed and ran over to where I had been standing.

Ya.. Had been... I was now a lump on the ground and looked like I was going to puke.

He took one look at me and opened another door and ran right in waking up to other people.

"I don't know! She's slumped over and really pale."

I saw two new people come out of the room with Liam.

"You...Your Eleanor! Oh my goddess! Your even more beautiful in person! I can't believe I'm meeting you."

"Well, this is good.  At least she can still recongize people." Louis said.

"Niall, you need to get my bag it has my phone in it." And I heard a knock and ran into the bathroom to hide.

Niall opened the door and pushed everyone back.  Louis came into the bathroom to help me.

"What up man! It's early in the morin.'" Niall's said while is accent poped.  He sounded angry.

"I.. I'm was looking for Jenna Marbles. (A/N sorry just love her) She had this bag earlier, but she told me a different room. Maybe she was confused?" An old man said.

"There is no Jenna here.  It's just me and me girlfriend."

"Babe, who's at the door? And have you seen my purse?" Eleanor said stepping in.

"WOULD YOU GUYS PLEASE BE QUITE! I am trying to sleep." Liam said coming out of Louis's room.

"I am really sorry. Sorry Jenna had the same purse, so.. I um.. thought it was her's."

"Lots of people have this purse!"

"But I gave Jenna some you... you know... stuff to make her forget and enjoy herself... So, I would like to find her."

I couldn't really see what was going on, but I did see Niall's first form a tight fist and punch the guy. I would have watched more but my stomach decided to empty it on myself.  After that I blacked out.


So I know this is really bad and I'm not going to promise that "Oh, it'll get better!" cause I really don't know if it will.  I stay up really late at night and story idea's just pop in my head.  Also, before you get to all up in this story....If you look at my other stories.... I get writers block.... and because I get writers block I just leave the story unfinished... I hate when people do that but either I can't think about what to do next or I forgot how I planned it.  I make up whole stories in my head then write them.... So, if I didn't finsih a story in my head, most likey will not be finished on here.

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