Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


10. The Hater Within.

Natalie’s POV

I and Louis kept in touch through texts and long-lasting calls. I kept the entire mean-scandals thing to myself. Meanwhile, he was kinda busy with all his interviews, conferences and photo shoots. I mean, who could blame him?

Fortunately, weekend came in with a big surprise. Right at 8 in the morning, my parents told me, “Honey, we hate to say this but we will have to leave today. To be specific, now. Uncle James from Philadelphia called yesterday to say that Grandma Helen is not doing so well.”

“Okay. I can manage.” I was trying so hard to hide my excitement.

“Thank you. And remember, no party. We will be back by Monday afternoon.”

“Okay okay.” Did I seem too desperate?

Ten minutes later, my parents were gone. I picked up my phone and called Louis.

He said in a sleepy voice, “Morning, early birdie.”

“Okay, I know it’s early but my parents are gone for the weekend. Want to come over?”

“I’d be most delighted to.”

Louis’ POV

I missed her so much.

“I’d be most delighted to.” Then I remembered something.

I added, “Just hold on a sec.” I went into the living room to see Zayn, Liam and Harry playing video games. They are such addicts. Obviously, Niall was in the kitchen making something.

I asked, “You guys have any plans today?” 

Liam: Today is our Free-from-Stress day. In other words, no plans mate.

Me: Okay then. Get dressed. We are going over to Natalie’s.

Zayn: Dude, she’s your girlfriend.

Me: Doesn’t matter. I think you guys should get to know her.

Niall: (grinning) Don’t regret it when I steal her.

Me: (grinning with a bigger grin) Don’t regret it when I steal all your food.

Niall: What? No thanks, you can keep her.

Harry: (stood up) You know what? You guys go ahead. I’m gonna go somewhere else.

Me: Why? Curls, you should come.

Harry: Please no because (a) I hate her, and (b) I hate her the most. So yeah, I’m gonna skip it.

Me: Okay! You know what? If you want to skip it, just go.

Harry said okay and walked out. I hated myself for screaming at him but, why did he have to act this rude?

Zayn: I’m in if she has The Avenger’s movie.

Me: (with no clue) Of course she does.

Finally, all the guys except for Harry agreed to come. I came back to my phone in my bedroom.

Me: Sorry for taking so long. I hope you won’t mind if the others came too.

Natalie: Absolutely, no problem. All except Harry right?

Me: Yup. We will be there by 9 o’clock.

I kept the phone. That’s when I realized it.

How did she know that Harry wasn't going to come? Holy shit, did she hear our conversation about her?

Natalie’s POV

Okay. I seriously don’t get it. Why does Harry hate me so much, considering the fact that we haven’t even talked yet? I guess I could ask Louis about it. 

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