Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


17. My Frog.

Louis’ POV

For the first time, I stood up so see the most heartbreaking scene ever.

“Oh oh yeah yeah

Da da dum da da dum

I will never let you go, even if you want me to

You can’t pull away, don’t pull away

Honey, we need to be making history.

So please come back.

I’mma cut the slack.

Ooo… yeah.

Oh Louis, would you forgive me?

If I said I’m really sorry.

I’ve got no loose change, to pay for my recent mistakes.”

The crowd laughed a little. I closed my eyes to let my tears roll down.

But baby, take a moment please

To open your eyes, and there ya see.

Yeah you and me..

We make a hell of a Perfect We.”

She wiped her tears and said, “Almost forgot. Danielle, happy birthday. Liam is one of the most caring and helpful people that I know of. And I really hope, you guys have years together full of joy and fun.”

Just like that, she pasted a smile on her face and stepped down the stage. Nobody dared to stop her because everyone was too busy clapping and some were even crying. As for me, I stayed hidden and paralyzed. I knew I should have stopped her but I couldn’t get myself to speak, let alone move.

Natalie’s POV

I don’t know why I did that. Sing an original song, I mean. It’s not like I had prepared to do that before. The words just kept coming and I just kept singing. When I finished, I expected Louis to show up his face. But no, it didn’t not happen.

By now, I was pretty sure that someone must have already called 911. Hopelessly, I left the stage and bee-lined my way towards the exit. I would have stopped for nothing but the moment I heard that angelic voice through the speakers, I knew I had to turn around.

“Hey Natalie, turn around now

Will you please?

I don’t think you see,

But that was the best damn apology.”

The crowed burst into roars of laughter, including me.  My superman.

“Hey Natalie, I think it’s kind of mean

That you’re making me cry like this.

Reminding me of what I direly miss

And all of our useless shit.”

Haha.. I started to laugh. And cry too. But even through my blurred view, I could see Louis close to tears.

“Hey Natalie, I don’t know how to fix a heart

And I’m sorry if I tore it apart

So if you want to do it all over again

I’m ready to begin from the start.”

He stopped singing, and looked right at me. I don’t know from where, but the spotlight shone upon me. Everyone was now starring at me. EVERYONE. I would have kept crying if Niall hadn’t pushed me from the back to say, “Go kiss your frog, princess. ” I smiled.

So I ran unstoppably to my frog and the same came from his end. I knew that nothing could stop us now. Nothing at all. When we collided, I held Louis in a tight embrace, too scared to pay the price of letting him go any time soon. Louis buried his head into my hair, breathing deeply.

 He whispered into my ear. “I missed you so much.”  

“Not as much as I did.”

He laughed and pulled me closer. From the back I heard Harry say, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”  Suddenly the entire crowd went along with him and shouted, “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Both of us looked around and laughed. I looked at Louis, wanting to kiss my frog more than anything else in the world. Louis tightened his grip around my waist and planted his lip on mine. As always, it was soft, tender and sweet. But this time, it had a little force in it; like he wanted never to let this kiss end. Like me.

The crowd started clapping and cheering. They got louder when Louis, while still kissing me, picked me up. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pushed my lips closer to his.

It was perfect. And I couldn’t help but love it.

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