Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


7. My First Kiss.

Louis’ POV

 At the hotel, Niall pulled me away and said, “I thought you were going to ruin this Natalie girl.”

Holy shit. I seriously forgot.

I said, “It’s a slow process. You need to be patient, Nialler. That’s why you are not doing this job and I am. Now, go and order something from Nandos. It’s on me.”

“Thanks man. And remember, you need to make it fast. I don’t want people to see my naked pictures. I would like to save my sexiness for my wifey.” He walked away but turned around and added, “Hey Lou, nice song man.”

I smiled. “Thanks.”

We all partied till late night. Harry got drunk pretty fast and so, it saved me from all his questions (about Natalie).

I danced with Natalie while Zayn invited over Perrie and Danielle.  It was around 9:30 pm when Natalie pulled me to the hallway and said, “My dad is kinda worried about me. I think I need to leave.”

But I want you to stay.

I offered. “Okay. I’ll drop you to your house then.”

She rejected, saying, “No. You need to stay here and enjoy tonight. I take a cab and go.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Definitely. Goodnight Louis.”


Oh no Louis, you can’t kiss her right now. Don’t you dare. You’ll ruin everything!!

But I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t.

Natalie’s POV

What are you thinking, Natalie? You can’t kiss him. You’re gonna ruin everything!!

But I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t.

And we kissed.

Our first ever kiss.

My first ever kiss.

Louis’ lips were so soft I couldn't even feel them at first. But it was wonderful. It was as if for one moment, the world didn't matter at all. And we kept it going.

Then, it got intense and I liked it. He put his hand around my waist and I let my fingers run through his soft hair. I just hoped my mouth didn't taste like soda. I opened my eyes to see his blue ones so close to mine that I could actually feel him peeping into my soul.

God, I love him so much.

We went on kissing for like forever until we got distracted by the sound to our right. We both turned to see Danielle. Her eyes were wide open.

She froze and said, “Don’t worry. I didn't see a thing. Nope. Nothing.” And she went back into the living room.

I turned to Louis and we both laughed.

Still laughing,I said, “I really need to go now.”

“Yeah. Goodnight, Natalie.”

At last I managed to part away from him. After all, I really needed to go home and digest all that had happened today.

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