Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


15. Mission Impossible.

Natalie’s POV

Three days have gone by. Probably, the three toughest days I’ve experienced so far. I’ve never been so clueless in my life.  And I knew that the worse was yet to come. What hurt the most was the fact that Louis hadn’t called me even once. Let alone a message.


At least he should have the decency to finish what he started.

Monday, when my parents arrived from Philadelphia, my mom asked, “How was the weekend?”

“Epic drama.” I sighed.

“Well, life itself is one. The trick is to keep going.”

How?  I wanted to scream. But I didn’t.

I kept bunking school while my parents went for work. Everyday, I would spend the entire time in front of the TV or keep crying in my already-wet bed. But on the fourth day of 'Me And My Most Miserable Days', there came a surprise visit from someone I wouldn’t have even imagined to imagine.

“Hello friendemy. Or is it supposed to be enemy only? ” I said opening the door.

Harry frowned. “I prefer friend. Hey, can we do this inside?”

“Yeah. Sure, come in. Just don’t burn the house down.” Not so funny, was it?

Harry came in. That’s when I saw Niall emerging from behind him. He smiled, saying, “Hey, Natalie.”

“Hi. I’m glad you came.”

“Anytime." He pointed towards the streets to ask," Hey,do you mind explaining why are those girls across staring at your house?”

I looked out. There were a couple of girls by the street staring at my house. “Well, they could be either trying to guess out if you are ‘the’ Niall Horan or  they are probably wondering what furniture I have because recently I’ve been having a lot of celebrity visits.” I smiled, and that was a first time in three days.

He scratched his head and said, “Good point.” And he moved in.

Inside, both the guys took their place on the couch. I took one good look at Harry just so I could guess out his intensions. No clue. So, cluelessly, I asked, “So, what’s up?”

Harry looked relived, like he finally found a way to begin. “First of all, I owe you a massive apology.”

“What are you apologizing for? It wasn’t even your fault. I’m actually thankful to you for letting me know the truth.” My eyes began to water.

“No! You don’t get it. What you know is only half the story. You need to listen to me.”

“Harry, I appreciate your concern but you don’t know how difficult the last three days have been.” I sat down, broken. “I’ve had a really hard time letting it all go. And I seriously don’t think that reliving all that would make it any better.” I wiped my tears.

“Okay. Suit yourself.” Both the guys got up to leave.

Just near the door, Harry turned and said, “But I really need you to know that Louis loves you a lot. Kinda makes me jealous, but he really really cares about you. ”

“Weird way of showing that, isn’t it?” I asked.

Harry widened his eyes, like he was offended. “Okay wait. You’re talking about why he hasn’t called or texted you?” He looked blown away. “Have you even read any of the newspapers or magazines recently?”

I shook my head.

“Well, if you would have, then you would know all the nasty things that they are pinning up on you. Louis knows this is not easy, for you and for him. He cares about you a lot. And he wasn’t ready to put you through all this when he can just back off and let you have a normal life.”

I didn't understand. “But he knows I love him a lot. Is that not enough?”

“It’s more than enough. But that’s not the point here. Life with a guy like Lou or anyone like us is not easy. All these gossips and rumors follow you everywhere. And Louis doesn’t want that for you. He loves you too much to let you suffer through all this.” He looked down, trying to remember something. “You see, when Taylor and I were together..”

I tried to recall. “Taylor Swift?”

He replied, embarrassed. “Indeed. When we were together, there was a lot of agitation and anger within the fans. I got tweets all day saying, “Taylor is not gonna have my cupcake! Go away!” or “She doesn’t deserve you. Taylor sucks!” I should’ve known they were true, but honestly, it was really difficult. So like I said, Louis loves you too much to let you suffer all this.”

I kept crying, trying to make sense out of what Harry just said.

“Natalie, focus. This is not the only reason. The thing is, look at you. You’re so young, and still in high school. Louis knows that the price you would have to pay to be with him is more than a normal and easy life. It’s everything. And people like us are always on tour. We are like nomads in our own world. Girls of your age have fun, hook up with different guys and live life. And you on the other hand would have to wait for a month or even a year for Louis to come to New York and hang out together.”

Niall interrupted, “And that is very difficult and painful. Trust me.”

I wiped my tears and said, “You guys are not helping.”

Harry said, “Hey. That’s what Louis thinks. Whereas we are completely against him. It hurts us to see Louis the way he is these days. He doesn’t eat or sleep or even come out of his room. And it’s horrible to see him like that, especially after knowing that I’m the reason why it…”

I revolted. “Hey, it’s not your fault.”

“It is." He smiled and added, "And I think I have the perfect idea to make it all better. Naill?”

Niall looked excited. “Yes. We are having this yacht party tomorrow for Danielle. It’s her birthday. And we would love it if you could come. Because if you do, you’ll be there and Louis will too. So maybe you guys could just..You know… ”

“I’m really not sure,” I said, hesitating on the thought of it.

“It’s an invitation. Come if you want to. We were just here to let you know that things can still work out for you two.”

I smiled. “Thanks guys.”

With that both of them opened the door and got out. Harry headed towards the car, while Niall turned to me one last time to say, “Hey Nat?”


“Think about it okay? A hundred times maybe?”

“Hundred times it is then.” I smiled.

One look into Niall’s expectant eyes made me think that somehow, I have to go.

But could I?

Mission impossible.  



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