Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


21. Grave World.

Natalie’s POV

In a cold night, walking on the wet cemetery grass is honestly not the best way to kill time. Its cold, terrifying and extremely creepy. Take my advice and never try this. Ever.

I looked up at Louis, disgusted. “This was you’re full-proof idea? Seriously?”

“Come on. Its not that bad.” He rubbed my shoulder. “ And don’t you dare back out now. We are so close to it.” He ordered.

I didn’t argue. We were pretty close to it. We both were wearing black from top to bottom, sure as hell looking like thieves. I was kinda surprised he had clothes like these. Louis had said, “Its one of the most initial things you have to own when you are a celebrity. For safety reasons. Keeps you safe from paparazzis, to some extent.”

Yeah? Does it keep you safe from ghosts?

Because everytime a streak of my hair flew, I screamed, imagining some ghost playing ugly tricks. I felt like any moment some creepy hands are gonna explode out from the ground and drag me in.

Geez, I hate this place!

“In and out, Nat. That’s it. We’ll make it as fast as possible.” Louis promised.

“Make it faster.” I snapped. But I knew that it was me who had to make it fast 'coz I was losing my senses here. I switched my flashlight on, searching. Louis did the same, only way earlier than me. 

“Got nothing here.” Louis shouted from his end.

I remember the last time I was here. It was for my best friend’s funeral, Amanda. I remember how crowded it all was, making any kind of movement intricate. With every person came gallons of tears. Everybody cried that day, because everyone knew how much Amanda deserved to live a longer and better life.

I remember how miserable I was. I cried like a wet kitty, hopeless and torn. I remember the big tree, which I leaned against when my knees gave way. And most of all, I can never forget what her tombstone read.

Amanda Helms

A loving daughter, a caring friend and a fighter.

“I found it!” I called out. Louis came running.

“Well, that was fast.” Louis complimented.

laughed, remembering the time when Amanda had told me that she wanted ‘A Sexy Beast’ written on her tombstone too. Instead, she got phrased as a fighter. Not bad.

Louis handed me something cold in my hands.“Attagirl! Start digging.”

I felt resentful but I grabbed the shovel and started digging. Almost done to the grass level, I stared at Louis who was busy checking out his cell. “Lou, what do you think you’re doing?”


My jaw dropped. “You can do that later! Now, help me dig this thing.”

Louis held his hands up in defeat, shaking his head. “Uh-uh. I don’t wanna get my hands dirty. Sorry.” He gave a wicked smile and kept tweeting.

I walked furiously to Louis, grabbed his shirt collar and babbled, “Yo VIP! Listen up… either you help me do this thing or I swear to God Louis, I’ll beat the shit out of you! ”

Louis simply cupped my angry face and laughed. “I was just kidding, beauty! Come on, lets do this.”

He picked up his shovel and started digging with me. Two is always better than one. After fifteen minutes of hardwork, I admitted defeat. “Forget it, we’re never gonna get there.” I jumped as soon as I heard some footsteps.

I knew it… ghosts are so damn real. I ran to Louis.

He clutched me and laughed. “Relax. It’s the guys. I called them for help.”

I sighed relief.

“Hello?” It was Zayn, dressed in black from top to bottom. He smiled and waved when he saw us. Behind him, the other guys followed.

As if we weren’t in a freakin graveyard, they started talking about some Call Of Duty PSP game. Oh God!!

“Guys, help here?” I growled. They saw my tempered face and immediately started helping me dig my dead best friend’s grave. Yeah… it was definitely weird but together, we were really much faster.

After about an hour, Liam hit his highest pitch to scream, “I think I hit it!”

We all could actually feel a wooden base beneath us. We threw our shovels away and started running our hands wildly to do away with the sand, which was the only thing keeping us away from our goal- Amanda’s coffin.

Soon, I could see it. The cover of the coffin. It was just the way it looked on the funeral day, only a little dirtier. I sighed. The guys helped eachother and got out of our excavated area; all except for Louis.

He simply pressed my shoulder, kissed my forehead and said, “It’s time.”

He handed me the envelope encasing the pictures (the naked 1D pictures). I took them. I took out my duct tape from my pocket. I sat down and placed the pictures on Amanda’s coffin. Pasting them with the duct tape, I pressed it one more time just to make sure it was secure.

I sat up, and before I could fall down, Louis caught me by the shoulders and held my tight. In his strong embrace, I closed my eyes, my mind calling out for the dead.

Hey Amanda… how is it going? Hah… weird isn’t it? After you went, I didn’t know what to do. But you little Devil. You had it all planned, didn’t you? You gave me these pictures because you knew that Louis would come after me searching for them. And ridiculously, he did. And we fell for each other and now we’re inseparable.

I guess I just wanted to thank you for all of this. If it wasn't for you and you’re pictures, I don’t think I would have ever known Louis the way I do now. But I want you to have what will always be yours. These pictures are like a freaking grenade, but they are yours. So here you go. And Am, I love you. Goodbye.

Somewhere in the wind, I heard Amanda’s voice say, “Ciao, Nat. I love you too.”

I smiled and opened my wet eyes, only to see Louis close his.

Louis’ POV

Hey there. I haven’t really known you, but Amanda I really want to thank you. Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would have ever known Natalie. And I promise you, I will never hurt her. I promise.

And sorry about digging out your coffin. We thought that it would be nice if you kept the pictures with yourself as they are yours. Yeah, they did kinda pissed me off but that's okay. Enjoy them in heaven. And once again, I thank you for everything. Goodbye.

Somewhere in the silence, I heard a girl’s voice say, “You’re welcome, handsome. Always, keep Natalie happy.”

I smiled.

And just like that, we teleported the pictures from one world to another.

Natalie’s POV

And just like that, my last day with Louis was over.

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