Tell Me A Lie.

well, its my first ever fan-fiction. hope u like it :D


8. Can't Figure.

Louis’ POV

After the party, I sat in my room and kept thinking about what Niall said earlier. How did I forget?

 I was supposed to ruin Natalie for taking naked pictures of the guys, including me. That’s why I arranged for both of us to meet. So that I could make her life a living hell.

But here I was, falling for her, thinking about her, wishing she was in my arms… which were almost everything except screwing her life. I couldn’t bring myself to believe the fact that she could have taken those pictures. Because I knew she wouldn’t. Well, at least I believed so.

I heard footsteps. Zayn walked into my room.

Zayn: Sorry man. Danielle and Perrie are discussing some girls stuff in my room. Can’t tolerate all that. Can I stay here for a while?

Me: Sure. It’s cool.

Zayn: By the way, great song. You never told us about it.

Me: Nobody was supposed to know. Natalie is so stubborn. She just won’t let it go. Can you believe it, she actually forced me to sing it on-stage. And she was right, the fans LOVED it!

Zayn: That’s nice. I heard you both were kissing in the hallway.

Me: Who told you?

Zayn: Danielle, who told Perrie who told me. It’s funny.

Me: Why is that so?

Zayn: Well, I mean, look at you. You are actually falling for your enemy!

Me: Oh please. She’s not my enemy or something. And that was just a goodnight kiss.

Zayn: Then, I’d better keep Perrie from saying goodnight to you.

Me: (smiling)You better.

That’s when something clicked my head.

Me: Hey Zayn, you love Perrie. Don’t you?

Zayn: Yup. I really do.

Me: Would you forgive her if she made a mistake? A terrible one.

Zayn: (curious)Hey, are you referring to Natalie?

Me: (sighing)Yes. Look, as far as I know her, she wouldn’t do anything like that. Trust me.

Zayn: Maybe so. Or maybe she has a side to her you don’t know yet.

Me: I hope not.

Perrie came to my door and said to Zayn, “Honey, I gotta go. Walk me to my car?”

Zayn said, “Okay.” He stood up.

To me, Perrie said, “Goodnight, Louis.”

Zayn gave me a warning look.

Me: Oh, come on. I won’t kiss Perrie. It was a joke. And goodnight Perrie.

Zayn: Can’t trust a man in love.

Perrie: Oh my God, you’re in love?? Zayn, tell me, who is it?

Zayn: (To Perrie) I’ll tell you on the way.

That made Perrie shut up. Before following Perrie outside, Zayn said to me, “Hey Lou, I’d forgive Perrie for anything. Because I trust her. As for Natalie, do whatever you decide. Just know that I got your back, man.”

“Thanks mate. And goodnight.”

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