Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


7. Whatever it takes.

Annabeth POV

" he won't be able to find me anyways, Justin. " I sigh, feeling a bit hurt and relieved at the same time.

" I'm sorry, Annabeth " he looks at the floor in disappointment.

" I shouldn't have let you change your look to this level. "

I tap his shoulder.

" Don't be sorry, I want it this way. I needed a change. Now stop worrying. Harry won't be able to find me. Its a big world. " I start massaging his shoulder to calm him down.

" I know you still love him, you still want him back annabeth don't you lie to yourself " he says gently.

Justin is right.

Alanna POV

My brother and I have been waiting in this totally crashed out room, i felt like i was being put in jail or something. But Harry came back after he went to talk to someone in the other room.

He walks over to Niall.

" How was it, mate " Niall ask as harry sat down beside me, to face niall.

He remains in silent.

" Harry " Niall recalls.

" She wants me to find Annabeth " Harry looks uncomfortable talking.

" What, how is that even possible, he have no clue where she is. " niall starts laughing out, how rude.

" i don't know but i promised her, well she made me promise it. " harry starts rubbing his eyes.

I've been listening to their conversation the whole time, not knowing what are they talking about.

" who's Annabeth " I blurt out.

Niall shoot my a deadth stare. And he starts doing hand motion to stop my wonder.

" She's my ex- girlfriend " Harry looks right to me, hurtful look in his eyes.

" oh i heard about that on the news before, i can't believe i have forgetten, " Niall shoot my another one again.

" so, why does this other girl wants you to find her, i mean you and that annabeth girl are already over anyways. " now Niall really look pissed, turning red and fire coming out his ears, which I'm careless about.

" Its too long of a story. " Harry looks upset and staring at the floor.

" are you going to find her? " I ask.

He didn't answer.

As i scoot closer to him, giving him a signal. " Every goodbyes comes with a start with a new beginning right, " I smile at him.

Harry turns in head slowly, scooting away from me.

" I agree with you, Alanna " He says, smiling at me making me blush.

" niall " he calls my brother up.

" I will find Annabeth, i'll do whatever it takes. " Harry says, as Niall turns into a sunshine, leaving me feeling sick and embarrassed.

I need to know more about this Annabeth girl, she can't possibly be that important to harry or as pretty as me.


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