Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


2. Unknown

Niall POV

" Harry, I got some supper for you " I slowly push the foam plate closer to harry.

" thanks, niall. But I'm fine. " No emotion what so ever from him. You see, he has been like this for the last 7 days and I don't know what the hell is wrong. He won't eat, won't go out side, nothing. But since Annabeth suddenly stops showing up at work, I could guess the reason.


" Harry, the boys and I are getting really worry about you. The band needs you " I pat him on his shoulder.

" But she doesn't need me anymore? " His eyes glaring at the wall. I give his body a waking call with a shake.

" Harry, wake up ! " I shake him a little harder.

After a couple of shakes his eyes finally lands on mine, while I take a seat right next to him.

" What don't I know, tell me " I'm trying to read his eyes and all I see is a dark green pained color.

" Can't you already tell. " He says swiping his hair back ,laying his body down on the bed.

" Its pretty obvious but I want to know the whole story " I push my body to lay with him.

" Love hurts, Niall " He says quietly.

I turn my head to face him. I see tears forming in both his eyes.

" What happened is " He paused.

" Well, I'll never love again. "

I was stunned by those words. Harry is a loving guy, when he says something like that. Something must of effect him badly.

" Harry, that is not the right thing to do " I warn him.

" You are right " He pause again.

" it is the best thing to do! " he starts yelling.

He is really badly, hurt. He won't listen to me or tell me anything for god sake.

" All you need, is time to heal off. mate " I say to him slowly.

Seeing those darkening green eyes which were once shine so beautifully hurts my feelings. Harry is my bestfriend, it does hurt to see him in this position.


Justin POV

Annabeth and I arrive to my parent's beach house in Gladstone, Australia for about 2 days ago. Both of us doesn't have that much belongings so, we didn't have a difficult time unpacking.

I am currently sitting out on the balcony, eyeing the beautiful shimmery ocean.

" Thank you, for everything Justin " I hear Annabeth's voice, feeling a hand touch my shoulder.

" You're like my little sister, its no problem " I turn my body to face her.

Then I see the pained looks in her eyes and smile.

" It takes time, Annabeth " I point my finger to my heart.

" I know, but its just really hurt " she leans for a hug. Sobbing starts filling her in.

" Everything will be alright, sister. It will " I pat her head softly.

I let her sob, letting her express it out.


" I know the paparazzis, my cousins will try to find me, and I don't want to be found. I want to disappear from the press. I don't I " She couldn't go on as she fastens her sobbing again.

" I will have you a makeover that will completely change your looks, nobody but me would notice that it is you, what about that " I laugh, thumbing off her tears.


Annabeth POV

" I will have you a makeover that will completely change your looks, nobody but me would notice that it is you, what about that " I starts smiling.

" Thanks, brother "

Hopefully, everything works out.

I don't want to be found. I want to be unknown, it will be easier for Harry to forget about me.


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