Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


16. The truth never dies.

Alanna POV


My stomach is getting bigger and bigger as I start find it difficult to walk around the apartment. I really I would of went down in in Gladstone with Harry yesterday but he suggest me to get rest and not to travel much. " for our baby " he said. Ya right, in reality I know he just want me to get off his ass. I really wish harry would come back to Sydney soon. I don't have a good feeling about something.


All of a sudden I hear 3 knocks on the door as I stumble across the room slowly to catch the door. Its probably the cleaning mate I just called 10 minutes ago. She is late so, I am definitely cutting her tip off, she was suppose to be here 2 minutes ago.


I open the door quickly, getting my words ready for the complaint.

Instead, its.. not the cleaning mate.

My mouth flew open as I quickly close the door and try my best to slam it shut but his whole arm is inbetween the door.

" Wa- w- why are you here? " I let the door go and I backpaddle off.


" I saw the news, I know what you are doing." He hissed at me.

" W- what are you talking about. " at last I'm stuck in a deadend, stucking to the wall as Justin scowl at me.


" let me tell you something. " His eyes turn into madness.

" You, do not deserve Harry. "

" You DO NOT know how much this could effect someone. "

" I saw the face of pain for a million, gazillion times. "

" I will not let you do what you are doing. "


I'm speechless, scared. What is he talking about? the face of pain?

Justin looks down at my baby bump.

I breathe heavily.

" I'll take the responsibility no matter if you like it or not. This is our baby. That means you and I. NOT Harry and yours. " He intense up the word not.


" No, get out! " I cant let this happen, it would ruin everything I've planned.

" I'll get out don't you worry. " He give me the stare.

" go now! " I command.

" I'm on my way to Gladstone to tell Harry about this. "

" He won't believe you! " I snatched.

" If it takes DNA blood test then it will. " He left me screaming as he ran out.


No. No.

What am I going to do now. I grab my phone and start dialing Niall.


Annabeth POV


I shut the screen door close as Harold jumps to me.

" Hi, boy " I pet him as he stare at me in somewhat unusual way.

" Boy, don't you worry about me I am fine. " I lied to both the dog and myself.

As that was done, I slowly walk upstairs to my room with the words he said, his reactions. I can't stop my tears from falling, and Justin is not here so it will be fine.

I lay my purse down as I look at myself on the mirror. All I see is Persephone. Why did I even do this to myself, this is all my fault. It definitely helped Harry to never finding me. But what about myself? I feel like I have been stabbing myself the whole time. I never really take care of myself. I only care about others. I only care about what others feels, but I didn't realize that, what about myself? What about me?

The whole thought of why I changed my looks was that, so Harry couldn't find me. But does that do me anygood? no. All it ever does is hurting me. I lie to myself. That everything will be better without him.


I was wrong.

He moved on and I'm still stuck. I'm dying for him to know that I'm not that far away, I'm still here.


Harry POV

We finished our food at the restaurant as zany suggested that we should take a walk to the side of the beach since tomarrow is our day off anyways. It is really beautiful. It almost reminds me of the beach my dad bought for mom. And that place Annabeth and I had our first kiss together.


I look at the stars and gazed. This is all a distraction, distraction for me to not realize how much I miss her, I could feel my heart ripping itself apart. But it hurts too much to even think about it anymore. I've got a family waiting infront of me. I can't. I don't know what am I suppose to do. My heart tells me other but I have to do what's right and that is to be a good dad to my first child. I don't have a choice anyways.


I just wish I have my one last time of seeing Annabeth. Give her another goodbye. Remind her again that she will always have a special place in my heart. But it all seems like a never happening ever again thing to me now. Its almost been a year now that I havn't seen her.

" Harold, you alright? " Niall tug my shoulder.

" Ya, fine. " I stop gazing to the sky and face the ocean.


Niall POV

" are you sure, harry? " I ask again even know i already know the answer by the pained look on his face. It must be Annabeth.

" Annabeth, again? "  I ask.

He shook his shoulder and take a deep sigh.

" You're about to have a family harry. "

He turns to face me and I see the hurt, all the pain in his eyes forming into his fake smile.

" You don't love my sister, do you? "

He didn't say anything.

I'm starting to regret helping my sister. I can't let that happen to Harry. He is my bestfriend and bestfriends don't do that to one another. I'll feel guilty my whole life seeing Harry holding my nephew. I'd like it better to see him happy. Not being stuck with only one choice.


I should just tell him. I should do what is right. Not what I was told by.

Here I go.

" Harry, there's something I have to tell you. "

Harry turns his face to me.

" Alan- "


Before I could start my phone rings, its a call from my sister.






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