Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


13. The plan.

Niall POV


My sister shoot me a stare after I send her a motion of disobeying. I really don't want to do this to Harry.

" GO " alanna mouth me the word as she leave the room quietly.

I sat on the couch, waiting for harry to arrive.

Nervous feeling, and a feel of betrayer fills my head. Giving me a slight headache. But on the other side, I love my sister.

After I finish my thoughts Harry walks right in.

" Hey, Niall. " he says cheerfully.

Basically, yesterday I invited all the boys for a movie night to give ourselves a relaxation. Hoping the other boys will be here so I don't have to do my sister's plan. But unfortunately, all the other boys except harry already had a plan before my invite. Why didn't I ask to join them? why didn't I.

" Here you pick the movies, i'll catch you up with some drink and popcorn. " I point my finger across the room to a bag full of movies and walks to the kitchen.


I prepared 2 jumbo cups and filled both in with some diet coke. Guilt starts building up as I decide to prep the popcorn first.

After the popping sound and the smell of the popcorn runs around the room as I could hear Harry howling happily. I take the warm bag off the microwave and set it on the countertop.


I slide one of the jumbo cups away just a little, preparing to put in the drug.

I can't do this to Harry. But what about my sister? my sister should be my first choice right?..

After about 2 minutes of analyzing time I could hear harry's yell.

" niall, whats taking you so long. "

I panicked of him walking into the kitchen as I slip out a little bag of the drug from my pants pocket. And poured a big amount into Harry's cup quickly.


" Here you are, the movie is about to start! " Harry seems excited.

I just nervously laughed with him.

I tap the play button as the movie starts, glancing at Harry throwing some popcorn into his mouth as he offer me the bag. I took some, of course. But remembering to not drink from his cup.

After harry took the popcorn, he holds his cup up. I glance over, should I stop him now and tell him why he shouldn't take the drink and exposed my sister's secret...

But I was too late. Harry took a big gulp of the concealed drug.

10 minutes later, I could feel harry's curly head falling over my shoulder. Asleep. Deep asleep.

I slowly move his head and whisper sorry to him.

Not so long after the guilt I felt, I called up Alanna.

" Per - fect " She also sounds excited. I feel horrible.

A couple minutes after the call she shows up as she command me to pick harry up into her bedroom which is right next door.


Alanna POV

" Thanks, brother. " the only reason I thanked him is because I don't want him to spill the beans. Lean to him for a hug. Shutting the door closed and locked.

Walking to my bedroom, excited as my heart beats faster.

Arrived. Seeing beautiful Harry laying on my bed.

No, I'm not actually going to do anything with him, obviously.


But when he wakes up, he will know me as,


his new girlfriend.

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