Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


14. The change.

Annabeth Pov

" justin, where are you going again? " i stopped him after i glance over to see his suitcase. 

He paused but didnt say anything.

" justin, please tell me. What have you been hiding from me. " 

Justin holds his suitcase up and looks like he is about to leave without an explaination. 

Quickly, i slide myself infront of him and got a hold of the doorknob. Blocking him from going.

" you're not leaving without an explaination. " i sigh.

Only silent came from his mouth.

I relax and let the door knob go. 
" you've been acting weird for the past 3 days and all of the sudden you are leaving. " 

" what is wrong, justin. " 
Silent, again. But this time he lay his suitcase down and sat by the televison and turn the cable on. 

I'm still waiting but i guess i should give me a break. Just relax, Annabeth.

Justin keep switching the channels and ended up at a news channel. 
A breaking news came on as i startle. 

Harry.. and.. 

My body tense up. Seeing the video that was on the screen. I could already feel tears forming as i wipe it off. 
What happened to " you will always have my heart, Annabeth ". 

" i will always love you "... But we are not together anymore i should be careless. Why am i lying to myself, i do care, i do want to care, alot. 

Rushing to the remote control, i push the red turn off button and run upstairs. 
I couldn't take it, my heart couldnt take it. 

Justin Pov 

Annabeth suddenly ran upstairs as i sat there stiff. 

Harry and Alanna?. From my many years of spying. I am positvely sure that Harry never laid eyes on Alanna and from what i heard, 4 days ago when i was spying on harry. I heard his conversation with Niall. Something about trying to find ' her '. And i was sure its Annabeth. 

How could suddenly, Harry accept Alanna?.. 

I stood up to get my self a fresh glass of water and try my best to think of the whole mystery. 

Oh, of course! 
Now i get it, she must of done something that makes harry disobey or made him stuck with only one choice. 
And as i relive that day when Alanna told me to leave,not to be responsible and that she doesnt want me but harry. She must of.. of.. found out about her being pregnant.. and came up with a plan for harry styles to be her boyfriend. And.. Oh god even I'm afraid of the next thought. I'm responsible for the baby, not Harry. If she makes it officiall, it will get ugly. I better do something fast.

Harry Pov

I remember that morning when i woke up next to Alanna, naked. What did i do. I remember i was just having a movie night with Niall and it was all a blurr after that. 

I shake Alanna for her to tell me something, i was just so confused. She roll over to face me. Tears in her eyes.

I was freaked out that i jumped and stood my body up.

" what happened last night? " i strech out, waiting for an answer.

" we did it, Harry. " slowly wiping off her tears. 

" but i remember i was just with.. Niall.. " i start messing with my hair. 

" yes i thought you were also. But sometimes last night you came into my room and i had no control. " her voice was low. 

I slowly move off the bed. 
I don't remember anything. But i did it? I did? With niall's sister. Oh my god. I have no other choice but to believe her. 

Quickly i walk over to her side of the bed. 

" did we use, you know, last night ? " i ask her silently, hoping she knows what i mean. 

" no we didnt. " she says not facing me solemnly. 
Oh no no no no. Nooo. I lean on my arms and laying it on the wall. Face palmed my self. 

I have to be responsible for this. I have no other choice, plus Alanna is Niall's sister. I can't just dissed.

 And that is why i am here, on an interview since Niall suggested, the interviewer is asking me about my new relationship. While i pretend like Alanna is Annabeth sitting beside me.  Alanna and i, we both agree to not exposed about our unprotected sex or you could call it, our future son or daughter just yet. 

During the interview, all i could think about is, Annabeth and how Annabeth would react to this if she hears the news. 

We have no chance to be together now Annabeth, I'm about to have a family. But please always know that you will always have my heart. 

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