Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


20. the break.

“ keep walking, Annabeth. “


Justin keeps repeating the words to me as my foot starts to drag. I am nervous. Half of me wants to turn back around and the other half wants go further.


Well, at this point I don't even have a choice anymore.


Justin push the elevator button, I walk behind him. Feeling slow compare to how Justin is walking in a fast speed.


Not long after the wait in the elevator, we reached the door that Justin is eyeing at. I can tell he was ready to smash the door open. I slightly give him a gentle tap on his back, sending the signal for him to slow down, calm down.


I took a deep breath and give him a nod. I guess I am ready.




“ what's going on guys? “ I try to dry my wet hair with a towel as I see niall standing stoned on my floor.


They both shoot me a funny grin, what is going on?


“ uhm, okay, well ima go get dressed “ I chuckle and leaves to my closet.


Walking into the closet as the wonderful scent hits me, the flowery smell.


It seems a bit unmanly but it never fails to reminds me of Annabeth. Those moments when I spent with her, it all comes back. I didn't realize a tear escape my eyes untill I start hearing a loud conversation out in the living room.


I pulled on a white shirt and black jeans and quickly rush out.


Standing boldly in front of the door, with muscled arms and a big body. JUSTIN?




And there is this girl standing beside him, is that the waiter from 2 nights ago?


Why are they here?


I could feel the awkwardness as the silent stays. The stare from both Niall and Alanna confuses me even more.


“ what is going on? “ I asked.


The color on Alanna's face washed away, niall move closer to her as he holds her hand.


“what is going on? “ I asked again.


Everybody but me stayed silent.


“ justin, why are you here? “ I turned.


“ you need to know the truth, Harry” what truth? I am five hundred and fifty percent confused.


“ nooo, justin. Nooo “ Alanna cries out, shaking her body dangeriously.


“ what, what is it? “ my curiousity takes me.


“ you're not the father, I am. “ he says softly, looking stright to me.




“ alanna is pregnant with me. “ WHAT. I look over at Alanna, her face expression looks completely defeated and guilt filled niall's.


“ go on. “ I manage to stay calm, I need to know what i've been missing out.


“ she hired me, to spy on annabeth. “ I nod, closing my eyes before I burst in anger.


“ I had sex with her. “ justin stare at the floor.


“ and that movie night last week that w were suppose to have , I put pills in your drink, and I helped her to carry you to her bedroom and made you believe that you did something with her when you didn't. “ Niall stood away from Alanna who is leaning against the wall. His face, full of shame.


“ NIALL HOW COULD YOU.” I move closer to him.


I am so .. mad, dissapointed. He is my bestfriend and this..


I couldnt hold it and my fist punched through his face. My anger emerge, making me fastly stepping closer to Alanna.


“ do you have anything to say, “ I tried to be as calm as possible.


“ I love you. I had to “


“ bull shit. “ my fist hit the wall making a loud noise. I step away from Alanna before I do anything further.


I put my hand over my face, trying to hold back my emotion. My bestfriend didn't tell me, I been lied, i've used.


“ please leave, Niall. Take your sister too. “ still holding my hand on my face.


After the door creaks closed I stumble on the floor and starts punching the floor, letting my anger out.I feel like crap, I'm so stupid. Stupid, stupid you Harry. Both justin and the girl next to him watched me in a shocking expression.


“ harry please stop, “ the waiter girl trying to help me up, her touch was soft and gentle.


Surprisingly, her words comfort me a little. Justin suddenly glance at me, like there is something missing. I got a little confused then I realize the words.


“ Do you have any idea where Annabeth is? “ I said.


His face expression was shocking like something is surprising him. I turn over the see the waiter face as she gives me a hurt expression. What?


Why is justin is surprised?


And why is the waiter girl looks so torn up by what I said?


“ Harry, This is Annabeth... “ Justin said slowly.




Before I could reach her eyes, she was already running out the door.



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