Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


18. revealed.

We got back into our hotel room. I'm glad I am staying in Niall's room tonight so I can talk to him. I've been wondering about all his strange behaviors. For example, he would walk behind me like, he is protecting me from someone or not wanting me to do something, and theres a guy who came to ask for a picture. Niall hurried up and ask about his identity. I laughed a little seeing how nervous he was but I feel like theres something more than just ' trying to protect me ' like he said. Because he doesn't do that and all of a sudden.


Something smells fishy.


I slide the door open to get my view on the balcony like always when I'm trying to clear my head out. But as everyone knows, I ended up breaking my own heart thinking about Annabeth.


Its amazing how time files. But my feelings for her stays the same. I never loved anyone like I loved her before and it doesn't feel right knowing I'm going to become a father, who is annoyed and irritated by the mother. The thing is I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm stuck in a cemented box with no way out.


I always have someone controling me, aka management. At first they were happy about how the news got spread about Alanna's pregnancy. But then they realize our fans disliked the fact and some moved on.


Theres nothing I can do or say. I try my best to get sometimes off my busy day of work to get on twitter and interact with fans, some seems to still be upset and some thinks that I'm happy so they are happy for me.


I'm stuck.


I hear the door crack open. I know its Niall, I could feel his movement from behind.


“ annabeth again. “ his tone sounds moody.


“ sorry. “ I shrug. I know he's not happy that I'm doing this to myself.


“ you need to stop that. You will never find her, give up. You're having a family that should be what you should be thinking about. ” words escape from his mouth. I was amazed as my temper rise up. What did he just said to me?


I was wrong, he wasn't happy not because of me but because I'm not caring about his sister. Im sorry do you realize how irritated I am about your sister.


I turn to face him, to see the expression on his face. It was bold and full of nervousness.


“ I'm sorry, Niall. I know I'm not the best soon to be father, “ I said honestly.


Niall's expression turns softer more like... sad? Like he feels bad for me about something?



Annabeth POV


I was woken up by the alarm clock as usual. I stumble down stairs as harold followed me through. By almost the end of the stairs step I stop, frozen.


Justin is sitting there, reading a news paper and holding a cup of coffee.


I am going back to bed.


“ annabeth. “ he called my name.




I walk slowly to the living room, I don't want to hear the reason why he left me for an unknown reason because it is probably a pointless reason to me. I hate it when he choose his job before me. I'm suppose to be his little sister.


“ sit “ he command. I sigh, choosing the seat that is far away from him as possible.


He seems to notice my reaction as he closes his eyelids.


“ I've something very important to tell you. “


oh like how important your job is so you go for that before me? Thats something i'd love to hear.


I just want to get out of here and back to my bed. I don't need to heart this, I am sickly tired of the same reason over and over again. I suit myself back to the stairs to my bed.


Before I took the stairs justin yells out.


“ Alanna is pregnant with me, not harry. “ what is this made up crap or his new tricks to get my attention?


I ignore and start my way up the stairs as I was about to intend to.


“ I need your help before its too late. “ my foot stopped me from moving.


“ that night when I went to spy in the states, it was Alanna. “


“ the girl that is ' dating' 'harry “ my mouth flew open.


“ I had unprotected sex with her. i was drunk  “ this can't get more unrealistic.


“ i told her i'd take the responsibity but she wanted Harry. “


“ she did something to make him believe that harry is the father, “ this is way too much.


“ We need to fix this. “


“ plus, Harry is in town right now. “ I know,


I can't believe this, justin is not kidding


my heart is telling me, if you love harry.


which you still do.



you would go out there and help harry. Go on Annabeth. Reveal yourself.






( hi guys! How have you been? (: I just want to update you guys that I am going to do an update every saturday the reason is because I have school and play sports and will not have anytime to update but if I do i'll be updating! Thank you guys so much for reading xx )

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