Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


25. Our love.

“ I’m so nervous. “ I told Justin as I close the door shut.

“ man, its going to be okay. “


Easy for him to say, of course.


“ HARRY! “ Alanna came shuffling towards me with the baby on her arm. I gave her a gentle hug as I asked to hold the baby boy. He has Justin’s brown eyes and a face of Alanna.

“ he is going to be breaking hearts in 16 years or so. “ the proud dad chuckles, gesturing me to hand back his property.

“ Alex Anderson. “ the young parents stare into their treasure. I feel slightly lost.. one day maybe I’ll be like them Annabeth and I. The image gives me the best feeling.

“ But for real Harry, everything is going to be fine.” Justin pat me on my shoulder.

“ I’m just so nervous. “

“ Man up. “ Justin punch me a friendly push.

“ She’s my everything and I don’t want to mess everything up, what if she’s not ready and thinks that I’m taking too far? “ All the possibilities in my head are spilling out.

Justin shoot me a stupid almost handicapped stare.

“ are you serious, man. “ Still giving me that stare, what?

“ She loves you more than anything you could ever imagine. “ His voice sounds serious and soft.

I stare at the clock, almost 6 in the morning. I need to go back to Annabeth before she finds out that I sneaked out to get an advice from Justin. Well, he wasn’t that much help but the last thing he said quickens my heart.

I say goodbye to the happy couples and leave the room to my mission. Then I remember one thing. I need flowers. Definitely. I grab my shades and darted out into the Walmart store. I feel lucky knowing it is too early for the fans to be at a store right now. I paid for the flowers and for the extra one too, of course. I hope Elizabeth and her sister likes it.


Annabeth POV

I turn around to look at the clock, exactly 9:30 in the morning. Finally I am on time for once. I scoot my shoulder on the other side to see harry’s widen eyes.


“ Morning sleeping beauty. “ his voice softens my ears.

“ goodmorning. “ I already know today is going to be a good day. He smiled and kiss me on my forehead.

“ well, I see you’re already ready to go. “ I eye his nice, perfectly ironed clothes. He is wearing a  white long sleeve shirt and his favorite black jeans.

“ Ha “ he looks embarrassed or even nervous. I don’t know how to explain. But he looks funny and adorable which makes me laugh.

I jumped off the bed and head for the shower.

I shook my one direction towel that Justin bought me randomly last week and step inside the cold shower. I thought Harry just took the shower? How come the shower doesn’t smell like his soap and his hair wash? I was so used to showering smelling the scent of Harry that I feel lost with out it. Harry is being really weird today, I wonder what’s going on but I try to not over think anything today.


Today is Elizabeth’s birthday.


My heart flutter to the memory of her last birthday with me. When she was alive.

She laughs as I slam her tiny head on to the cake. Her face full of horror and rage. And we ended up having a cake war, as of course, I had to go back and clean it up. In our little apartment..

Her laugh warms me heart as I keep replaying the moment over and over. To think about that day when I was basically talking to a dead body, that hurts the most. I could already feel aches building up. I have been building walls to protect me from breaking down remembering that night when I lost my little sister but I’m sure I’ll hammer it down today. I close the shampoo lid and spread it all over my head, the smell relaxes my pulse.

That’s why Harry and I are taking a trip to visit my sister’s grave.

I missed her so much.


Justin POV

“ babe, hand me the bottle. “ Alanna shooks at the word I used and awkwardly hands me the bottle.

“ what? “ I asked.

“ what? “ she says.

“ I can’t call you babe? “ I literally chuckled.

Alanna and I have been living together for 5 months now and the word babe is still new to her.

“ I gue –ss you ca- n. “ she studdered.

“ okay babe. “ I smile.

“ Freak. “ she says getting a cup of water from the fountain.

“ says the stalker girl. “ I said as her eyes widen.

“ I’m glad you were a freak though, or else I’d of never found you. “ I corrected myself.

She smiled and gently slap me across the face.

“  Alanna. I’m happy that the past happened. I’m lucky to meet you, to have this chance. Your not that monster that everyone thinks you are. You are different. You have that gentle side. The cute and beautiful side you never really show anyone. But I see it. I see it, Alanna. You’re everything to me now, all I will ever have.“

She stare at me in somewhat disbelief. Her eyes soften as her rosy pink lips crashes on to mine.


Harry POV

The plane landed as I see Annabeth eyes dancing. I don’t want to see her cry but I know she will. Today is the day. The perfect opportunity. It seems a little bit odd but hasn’t my life been so odd anyways. I take her hands and lead out to the airport.

Screaming fans run to my way as the security guards mark the territory. I feel bad but I really need to get going, sorry girls.

I clutch her hand tighter on to mine, knowing we are only 5 minutes away from there. And its getting too quite in here. I hate it when she’s quite, I can never tell what’s going on her mind and that scares me the most.

“ Are you going to be okay? “ I’m sure concerns are written all over my face.

“ of course. “ she lied and faked her best smile.

“ Please don’t hurt your self. “

One of her eyebrows cricketed.

“ because you’ll be hurting me. “ She nod.

“ do you like these flowers? “ I handed the ornaments.

“ loved it. “ her nose touched as I finally see that beautiful smile.

Her eyes crosses to my back.

“ why do you have 2 sets of flowers, what for? “ her face is full of ideas.

“ just in case, you know. “ oh god I am so bad at lying. I hope she doesn’t notice.

We stepped down the van. I asked the body guards the leave, as they do so.

Her hands are starting to sweat.

I could hear her deep breathing, catching for air.

I grip her hand tighter.

She nod her head, trying to tell me that she will be fine.

I don’t trust her. I’ll be here next to her to wipe away her tears. She groan a little knowing I won’t leave.

“ happy birthday, Elizabeth. “ she lands the decorated flowers on the grave and knee down on the freshly cutted grass.


Her voice was low and comforting.

Annabeth spent couple of minutes talking to the gravestone. My heart flushes knowing she always try to talk to her sister, knowing she probably won’t hear her but hope is what keeps people alive, right?

“ I want to thank you, for making us possible. “ I joined in the conversation.

“ if it wasn’t because of you, I’d never find the person I love the most. “ Annabeth is staring at me with teary eyes.

I turn to Annebeth. Here it goes.

“ Elizabeth once asked me, to be there for you. “

 “ you did a pretty good job.” she added, her eyes growing sensitive.

“ I promised her, to be there, to love you, as long as I live. “

She smile.

 “ little did I know, the promise sunk into my heart and became permanent. “ I smile as her eyes catches mine.

“ it’s a stupid promise I can’t predict the future, we were separated for almost a year. Went through hell and back for each other. Killed ourselves alive from our separation. But I still manage to love you with all my heart“ I admitted.

I caught a tear down her cheek and wipe it off.

“ Annabeth. “


I knee down.

Her eyes startles.

I shake a little, grabbing the ring from the back of my jean pocket and rose the flowers.

“ Will you marry me? “

“ Harr-y “ more tears came out of her glowing beautiful brown eyes.

“ yes. “



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