Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


8. Harold.

Alanna POV

" SO, you're supposedly the FBI my friend was recommending me about? " I sat myself on to the chair.

" Yes, I'm Justin. Nice to meet you " he leans his hand over as I shake them.

" Alanna " I introduce myself, he is quite good looking.

Since that day when I realize I need more information about this girl Annabeth girl, I called up my bestie Luna. And she contacted this FBI,  to meet me here. I think she overreacted and hired me an FBI. I mean its not something that serious but I heard they're good.

The waiter pass us our drinks, as I realize I should start my project.

Pulling out a picture of the girl I got from Harry's bedroom and slide it to my FBI slowly.

" all I want from you, is more information about this girl and what's the connection between her and harry " I demanded, sipping on my drink.

The FBI looks stunned, almost shocked.

" Uhm, are you alright " he isn't ugly so I try to be nice.

" yes, yes. okay no problem. " he got a worry look on his eyes.


Justin POV

* phone ringing *

" yes'sir "

" I'm so sorry , Justin. The field agent is on his long extended vacation and you're the only agent I have that have enough experience for this commission " My commander says.

" what's the commission, sir " I ask, feeling a bit worry knowing I will have to leave Anna homealone for maybe weeks or months.

My commander explain my fields, as I start worrying more. I will have to step into the U.S. Somebody wants me to spy for them, again. I'm not panicked but I don't have a good feeling about it.

I got off the phone, hearing the car engine stops.

" hello there FBI " Annabeth jokes.

" Hey, sis " I sigh.

" What's the matter, I bought some apple juice! your fa vor iteeee " She extended the last word.

" Just, my commander is offering me to be a field agent again! " I feel nerves popping out of my fits.

" Actually no, he is making me. " I feel a bit mad.

Annabeth puts her stuff down.

" Don't worry about me, brother. " She face me now.

"  that's easy to do. " I chuckle sarcastically.

" its been like how many months now, i'll be just fine. " She grins at me.

I sigh, this time louder.

" I'll be in the U.S plus, its going to be weeks. I really don't I just " I start rubbing my hair.

" JUSTIN STOP. " she yells at me.

" I'll be just fine. " she recalls again.

I just don't have a good feeling about this.

And now, in a fancy restaurant as the girl handed me the picture, I start realizing why I felt bad, my gut feelings told me this doesn't feel right and it came true. This Alanna girl wants me to spy on Annabeth. Are you seriously.

I'm so tempting to pack my bags, say no and go home, but if i lose my job... that won't be pretty.

The words tremble around my head again.

" all I want from you, is more information about this girl and what's the connection between her and harry "

What can I tell her when i already know all the answers.


Annabeth POV

Justin left yesterday night, I'm sure he already arrive and got a hold of his 'new' job. I guess Justin is meant to be a spy.

I start running around the big house closing every windows, knowing the cold winds is arriving. Five minutes later, i collapse on the comfy couch from exhaustion.

I couldn't bare to lay there for a couple minute without falling asleep and its barely 5 in the afternoon.

The summer skies fall as  the winter wonderland taking its place. Stepping on to the side balcony, feeling the cool breeze fill my lungs.

Stars scatters around the dark sky.

Listening to the ocean's natural melody.

Smelling the aroma of the roses from the garden.

My mind starts wondering into his perfection, throbbing my heart.

All the memories stills in my heart wishing it could be washed away into the oceanic.

Tears roll down, letting it go.

" I'll always love you " Remembering his last words, holding on broken pieces of my heart, not letting it fall again.

Some noise popped me out of the moment, i notify it as a bark coming from the backyard.

i run quickly to it as fast as possible, just to get my mind off harry.

The soft sand touch my foot, trying to get a hold of the barking brown dog.

" hey, you dog " I yell out softly hoping he will accept my order.

Surprisingly the dog walks slowly to my arms. No dog chain on his neck. He must be lost from far, neighbor hoods around here are pity of dogs so i doubt it that this dog is around here.

It got quite awkward when I'm trying to find out its sex, i took a quick glance. Male.

It has sweet greenish eyes, with curly brown fur, its height is just above my knee.

I picked him up and carry him in. He didn't disobey but he seemed like he was happy.

I want to actually keep him, he reminds me of..

" Well, i guess this is your new home. " i talk to him, laying a large piece of soft matt on the floor.

He instantly lays on it, wagging his tail.

" Now you need a name, what shall i call you "

He barks out, happily.

I reach my hand out and start petting him on his head. He leans to the left and stood up to get me on the cheek.

" You're such a good boy, Harold "


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