Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


6. goodbye.

Annabeth POV

Not only I enjoyed my new job but I actually some friends. honestly it didn't feel like I worked for 5 hours straight, felt more like an hour and a half.

I start the car as I cruise it back home, rolled my window down enjoying the fresh ocean breeze.

I'm loving my life, no drama, nothing to worry about. But I can't lie to myself that I don't miss Harry. I miss his voice, his touch, his glowing green beautiful eyes, everything about him is so beautiful.

It was a 5 minutes drive home, clicking my automatic key to open the garage. Parked it neat and step inside the house.

" Hi, Justin "

" how was it " he twirl his working chair around.

" it was fun " I smile at him, putting my purse down on the countertop.

" there's something you need to know " he says calmly,

" what is it " I lean on to his shoulder.

Justin starts clicking on the other tab that he already has it on his computer, and starts scrolling down.

I finish reading.

" Poor her.  " the girl loves harry so much.

" You know, if she dies. there will be nobody stopping you from being with Harry " Justin says staring into my eyes to get answers.


Harry POV

Niall, Alanna and I just arrived at the jail as the officers ask them both to stay in another room except me.

The buff looking guy takes me down the hall way as I see a glassed room, Nancy sitted.

I sat down infront of the mirror windown, having on the earphone to be able to hear her from the other side.

Nancy looks pale, I can tell she is almost done, she is close.

" Hi, Nancy " she is not facing my eyes.

" I didn't know you would come " I see a tear roll down her eyes.

" I'm not that heartless " I Chuckle.

" I know I was heartless, I'm sorry " now she is facing my eyes, it is pitch red.

" I regret everything. I realize it makes no differents. " tears roll down like a river from her eyes.

" I should of known, no matter what I do. You will never love me " her eyes wonder as she let the tears fall.

" Its alright now. " I lied to her and myself.

she stares at me with one of her eyebrows lift up.

" No, its not. " she says slowly.

I sigh, i'm trying to find a way to make her feel better.

" I know I don't deserve a favor from you but please, harry " she's wiping her eyes.

" I heard about the news, your breakup with her. I know it was because of me.  " she continues, catching her breath and holding on her tears.

" harry, please. Find her, get back with her, be happy. Promise to me harry, then I can die happy. " she looks at me deep in my eyes, tears are no longer holding on. All I see is hurt and sincere look in her eyes.

how could I promise such a thing.

" HARRY PLEASE, PROMISE ME YOU WILL FIND HER, TELL HER I'M SORRY I'VE HURT AND DONE SO MUCH TO HER I CAN'T DIE WITH ALL THAT IN MY HEAD I CANT  " She starts yelling and moving dangerously as the officers rush in to get her in control.

" Please, promise. promise me harry. " she cries.

I give the eye contact to the officers to let her go.

" I promise, i'll find her " thinking about how much I miss Annabeth actually really cutting deep into me.

The other officer right by the exit door called my name and points at his watch, time's up.

" Alright, nancy, I promise you now I have to " I didn't get to finish.

" I know you have to go. " she looks at the ground solemnly.

" please know, no matter if I'm alive or dead. I'll always love you. I love you harry. I have always loved you, I love you so much " she says gently as I watch her tears rolling down.


" Goodbye, Nancy "




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