Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


5. Could change everything.

Harry POV

I threw my empty bottle of water away as the Niall's sister came closer to me.

" Hi, I'm Alanna " She smile at me.

" Harry " I shake her hand.

" duh ,Who doesn't know Harry Styles" She gently push me, bitting her lips.

I give her a friendly smile back.

" That's good you're going to help us with all the work. " I brought up something.

Alanna leans closer to me, once again. I'm starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

" I'm really glad, to meet you " She whisper to my ear.

" Same " I shake her hands again distancing myself away from her to go check out Niall.


Justin POV

" now I'm going to need a new name "

I stopped to look at her new looks and it reminds me of a Greek god, Persephone.

" Hm, what about Persephone. " I suggested.

" That's a beautiful name plus it fits your looks perf! " the salon dresser yells out from behind me.

" Persephone Anderson. " She smiles at me.

A month ago, Annabeth got her new name. No joke, its a beautiful name but not as beautiful as Annabeth. I'm just happy she has been enjoying living here, but I don't want her to waste her life hidimg from what she can't hide. I tried many times to convince her for a college enrollment, it was all decline. So, I got her a job at a bar place called, midnight.

I heard the engine car rushing out the gate way, first day of job are always the hardest. And, for me, its the same. I have been working for the FBI Australia since 2 weeks ago, I didn't sign up for a field agent because I know Annabeth still needs someone to be beside her, I don't want her to feel lonely, like she has nobody. I felt it before, its not something I want to pass it on.

All of a sudden I had to drop my tea on the  table scrolling through the news.

Article - the killer of one direction's girlfriend's sister pained.

                    Nancy - , the ex- one direction manager who committed a murder crime which was 6 months ago is found to be diagnosed with lung cancer. As the doctor examine that she is on her last stage and there is no way of turning back, and also that she has only 2 days left.

In her solidary jail room, the camera caught the mournful yells of her calling out for harry styles, who is believed she is in love with. ** Video ***

Oh my god. Her death could change everything, e v e r y t h i n g.


Niall POV

As soon as I got finish packing all my sister's stuff in her closet I hear a phone ringing from the kitchen room, I have mine in my pocket so I'm sure it wasn't mine.

" HARRY YOUR PHONE  " I yelled out closing my sister's prepared bedroom.

" got it ! I heard his little voice coming through.

I could hear him answering his phone with a hello and it went silent from there, I thought it was no bi deal as I take out a broom near me and start brooming some dust off my sister's room.

It only took me about 3 minutes to get done as I walk into the kitchen, seeing harry sitting there on the couch watching the TV  without the TV on. Odd.

I tap his shoulder.

" What happened. "

Harry turns his head.

" The jail wants me to visit Nancy, for her last living day tomarrow. " his eyebrows cringe up.


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