Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


19. Closer.

“ So, are we going today? “ Annabeth asks me, she looks nervous and a bit shakly


I push my smile off the side, I don't want to seem desperate but I am really happy that she decides to step this off her comfort zone.


She told me many times that she have gotten over Harry already, she is just a naturally bad pretender.


“ as soon as possible. “ I look down at my coffee cup, trying to hide my smile.


“ Okay, i'll go get ready. “


She left as I hear her footsteps up the stairs. Before I forget, I type in Harry's location that I gotten covered of where he would be so i'll be able to track him. You know, being a field agent spy isn't that bad at all if I am doing the right thing.


I set down my GPS and hurried to get ready for the day.




“ Harry “


“ harrrraaaay “


“ my curly headed boy “


“ You will always have my heart, but we will have to go on our seperate ways “


“ Annabeth, please “


“ I'll always love you “


“ You're having a family harry, you need to stop thinking about her. “




I jumped out of bed with a little tears on the rims of my eyes. My blood stop pumping as I see Alanna sitting on the side of my bed starring at me. In my dream, I heard a voice, it was Annabeth's. Not her. I guess there was a combination of her voice. And maybe Niall too. The picture of my dream when Annabeth let me go was hurtful,it still hurts to this very day. And the words hurts even more.


“ Harry called you so many times! “ her bratty self came out as always. I'll used to this.


“ sorry, I was sleeping. “ I said sarcastically, I know she hates to hear that but I am way too annoyed.


Why is she here anyways.


“ I was worried about you. “ she sends me her puppy face thing, whatever it is. She thinks it works on me but it really doesn't. I pleased her, after all she is having my child.


“ Thanks. “ I dont really know how to answer that.


“ but then again, theres nothing you need to be worried about, Alanna. “ I run my fingers to my hair hoping she sense my annoyance.


She sigh as she starts leaning over closer to me. I got up quickly and extend the space between us. I don't want to do anything with her, that sounds harsh but I can't force it.


After I got up to make coffee, Alanna still sits there quitely. That's strange. She would usually follows me everywhere.


“ I love you harry. “ I almost choke on my coffee. She never said that to me before. We weren't suppose to be together because of love, it was a mistake I made.


I stood there frozen as she reads my face.


“ since the very start, my heart beats for you. “


This is getting creepier, I think she forgot that the only reason we are together is because of the baby.


Alanna stood up, holding her big stomach and space her self, again something I wasn't expecting. I have no words to say. I don't love her.


“ but I know, that you will never feel the same. “ did I just see a tear escape across Alanna's face? ALANNA'S. I've known her as a very strong girls who doesn't shad tears.


“ Alanna... “ I didn't know what to say but I didn't want to say nothing.


“ you've no idea how much, I try. “ she looks at me stright into the eyes.


“ calm down, please Alanna. “ I want to leave the room right now but that would seem unmanly.


All of a sudden, she shoves her body into mine into a hug.


“i missed you, thats why I came here. I wanted to tell you I love you before its too late. “ she mumbles softly. This does not sound a bit like Alanna. Is this one of the effects from her medicine or something?


“ too late? “ I asked.


She said nothing just sobs.



I flew here without Niall's permission. I really don't care anymore. I just need to tell him. I know Niall is sucking. I know for sure Justin is coming.


I know my time with him is almost over that's why I rush here. The baby is really giving me a hard time doing things. Some how I feel more emotional. I don't want to lose Harry. But he was never mine, maybe his body is but not his heart..


I know that he thinks i'm just an annoying little shit that he has to put up with. I've try, try again. Over and over. I am out of breathe. He will never love me like how I love him. Its heartbroken to see the one you try so hard to keep treats you like.. I'm just another girl that he has to deal with and nothing special when I expected way more.


Whatever will happen, will happen. I've no power. I know Justin wouldn't just leave, even though everything would be a lot easier if he would just forget it.


I just want to spend time with Harry before the truth gets to him.


Harry is now in the shower, I'm sitting on the couch reading a magazine about losing weight after having a child I hope it is easy.


All of a sudden, the door rushes off and flew open.


Niall looks around the room, searching for someone, for harry?


His face turns red as he spotted me, “ why are you here? “ I can feel the vibration in his voice.


I shrug, he needs to calm down I want to enjoy my day today.


“ That Justin guy is coming, and I see a girl walking with him. “


I start panicking but at the same time, I want to see this Annabeth girl. What is so special about her, I want to ask.


how do you get Harry to love you. How.




( decided to do another chapter for you guys, feel free to comment I love knowing what you guys think! enjoyyy xo )

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