Because of you.

Sequel from Kiss me ;

" We will take our own separate paths, i'll go mine and you'll go yours " Tears rolling down her cheeks as she starts walking away.

She thought that was the end.
She was wrong, destiny says it isn't.


12. back to her.

Niall POV

Surprisingly, I actually feel tired after the interview today. I'm sure its not the interview that makes me powerless, its the thought of my sister.

And she wants Harry to be the dad, I mean that is such a wrong thing. Harry still has to do his thing, finding Annabeth. Harry can't afford any distraction.

Wait, why am I thinking too hard about this. There is no way that Alanna could make Harry be the dad, that's just.

I pause. As Alanna flew my door open.


oh no, that's always bad.

She sits herself next to me and start telling me the plan of hers.

After she finishes I could feel my face burning up.

" Alanna, that does seem fair to Harry at all. " I couldn't face how evil my sister really is.

" nothing is fair in this world, niall " She hissed at me.

" Alanna, its just not right. " I just want to fall asleep and not have to think about this.

" choose it, Your little sister or Harry. Which one is more important. "

I sigh, " I'm not even going to choose. " I stumble into a chair, trying to relax.


" You're helping me with this, Niall. I'm your little sister and I should be your first choice. " her voice tremble around my ears.


I'm sorry, Harry. I have no choice but to help my little sister.

I'm really sorry, Annabeth.


Annabeth POV

I jumped over the sofa to catch the door seeing Justin with his warm smile. While Harold starts barking.

" you're early " I distracted Justin from the brown dog.

Justin step inside as he investigate the dog.

" Aren't you glad, and what is this curly thing. " he rise his left eye brows up.

" a dog " i laugh a little and close the door, giving it a lock.

" obviously, but what is it doing here. " Justin lays his suitcases down and giving himself a stretch.


" I rescued him, isn't he just adorable. " i squeeze my voice as i pick the dog up.

Justin shoot me a stare.

" i want to keep him, Justin. please. " my begging mode is turned.

" Alright, alright. Just make sure he won't bother me while I'm on my working hours. " lastly he says, walking himself upstairs.

I lay Harold down gently and told him to go lay down. As i start realizing, Justin doesn't seem like him. He seems worried, uncomfortable. Plus, he suddenly got back early, that rarely happens.


Something is up, i could sense it.


Justin POV

After i arrive i just need time by myself. Rethinking about what happened.

Why did i walk away from something like that. But why didn't she want me? I have a solid job. I could support both of them.

I start rubbing my eyes and hair to clear my mind.


It won't go away.


I need to do what's right.


I'll have to go back to her.


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