I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


1. The new girl

   I walk into the class. All eyes on me. The teacher looks up from her textbook. And says "You must be our new student. Lacey, Lacey Andrews." I nod. "Take a seat next to Niall." She says pointing to a blonde boy sitting in the back row of the room. I walk towards my seat next to Niall. 

   "Hi I'm Niall." He whispers facing me. "I'm Lacey, nice to meet you, Niall." I say back. "Wow, you have a really cool accent. I wish I had that kind of accent." He says. "Thanks." I laugh sarcastically. "No really I meant it. I have an Irish accent that is hard to understand, yours is really cool." He says serious. "I love your accent. I really wish I had the same one." I say trying to pay attention to the teacher. 

   "So, where are you from?" Niall asks. "I'm from New York." I say. "That is in the United States, right?" Niall asks. "Yeah. Sure is." I say tapping my pencil on my notebook. "I always wanted to go there." Niall says. "Is it a nice place?" "Well, it is in some places. Like, in the city it is kind of dirty. But out in the suburbs it is nicer and there are a lot of separate houses." I say. "Oh, it sounds prettier then here!" Niall says. "No, I wouldn't say that." I laugh. "You know what I like you." Niall laughs. "Thanks." I laugh. 

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