I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


14. Telling Matt Our Secret

           Lunch period finally comes. Niall and I walk into the cafeteria and Niall gets in line and I sit at the table with Matt. "Hey Matt." I say. "Hi Lacey, what's up?" Matt asks. "Nothing, same old, same old." I say. "Um, I wanted to ask you something." Matt says. "Yeah what is it?" I say. "Um, would you like to um, I don't know uh...." Matt gets cut off bye Niall. "Hey Matt." "Oh Hey Niall." Matt says. "Here you go." Niall says handing me a turkey sandwich. "Thank you." I say. "Okay, Matt , I want to tell you something." Niall starts. "Uh, yeah, what's up?" Matt says. I look at Niall and say "Yeah, go." Matt looked at us confused. "Okay, you can keep a secret right?" Niall asks. "Yeah, course, what is it." Matt asks. "Lacey and are dating." Niall says. "Good, that is really good." Matt says. "Yeah, so what did you want to ask me before?" I ask Matt. "Nothing, never mind." He says. "Okay." I say.

           When the bell rang Niall said "Keep it secret, okay?" "Yep, I promise!" Matt says before we split up and went back to our classes. "Matt is really nice. How long have you guys known each other?" I ask. "Yeah he is nice, and since 5th grade." Niall says before we walk into class.

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