I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


13. Stay Away From My Girl

         "Niall, Ni, Babe, Niall, Wake up babe." I say. "Yeah, yeah I am awake." Niall says in a raspy voice and getting up. I am standing in front of him already ready for school. "Oh man, I forgot, school." Niall says quickly getting up and going downstairs and getting his bag. He comes upstairs wearing his jeans but not his shirt. "Hurry up." I laugh as Niall runs in the bathroom to brush his teeth. "I am!" Niall says with his mouth filled with tooth paste. Niall walks out of the bathroom still with out his shirt on. We walk downstairs and I say "Forgetting something?" "Uh, no?" Niall says. "Your shirt." I say. "Oh." He says grabbing a shirt and putting it on. "Okay I am ready." he says walking out the door. I laugh as I walk out of the house towards my car.

          Niall and I walk into school hand in hand. I stop at my locker to grab my books. "Hey, you are really pretty." A voice says. I turn around and see a boy I have never seen before. "Yeah, thanks." I say trying to get away from him. "Wait, where are you going first bell hasn't gone off yet." He says. leaning against the locker next to mine. "Please just stop." I say. "Why?" He says. "She said to stop, now get away from her." A familiar voice says. "Man calm down I am just trying to talk to this pretty girl." the boy says facing the guy behind him. "And that pretty girl is my girlfriend, so just back off, okay?" Niall says. "Yeah, okay. Prove it." The kid says. "Okay." Niall says pushing the kid out of the way and walking towards me. "Just go with it." Niall says leaning into kiss me. Niall's lips reached mine and he kissed me right in front of the kid who didn't believe him. Niall pulls away and looks at the kid and says "See." "Alright man I'm sorry." He says nervously. "Okay, bye." Niall says. The kid runs away and Niall takes my hand and we start to head to class. "Your mine, okay?" Niall says. "Yes, and always will be." I say holding his hand tighter. "Good, cause I really love you." Niall says. "I love you too." I say as we walk into class. Niall and I take our seats in the back of class and wait for the teacher to come in.

          During our math lesson the speaker came on and said "Lacey Andrews, and Niall Horan, please report to the principle's." My heart stops and I look at Niall. "Go head down." The teacher says. Niall and I get up and walk out of the class. "Niall my dad cant find out about this." I say grabbing Niall's hand. "Lacey, it is okay, we will tell the principle not to tell your dad, it is okay I promise." Niall says stopping me. "Okay, I trust you." I say as we walk into the principle's office. "Good morning." Mrs. Johnson says. "Morning." Niall and I say. "Take a seat please." She says taking her glasses off and pointing at the seats. "Okay do you guys know why we called you in here?" She asks. I look at Niall. "No, not really." Niall says. "We had a lot of complaints this morning about a fight in the hallways." She says looking at us. Niall and I shake our heads yes. "Miss Andrews, can you please tell me what happened." Mrs. Johnson asks. "Well, um, I was getting my books from my locker and this boy came over and made a comment about me and kept on harassing me then Niall stepped in and told him to stop." I say rubbing my hands. "And do you know who this boy was?" She asks. "Anthony Schneider." Niall says under his breath. "Okay, and what did you do Niall?" She asked Niall. "Well when I told him to stop and he said 'calm down I am trying to talk to this pretty girl' and then I told him she was my girlfriend and he didn't believe me." Niall says. "And then what?" She asks. My mouth opened but Niall beat me to it. "He wanted me to prove it so I kissed her." Niall says. "Is that true?" She asks me. "Yes." I say. "Okay, and are you two really dating?" She asks. "Yes." I say. "Okay, Lacey you didn't do anything wrong, Niall I am afraid I have to suspend you for three days. I'm sorry." She says. "But, he didn't do anything." I say. "Why does he have to be suspended if all he did was prove to Anthony that I was a girlfriend and that he told him to stop? I should be the one getting suspended I was the one who let him kiss me." Niall gives me a little smile. "Well the way you just put it he didn't really do anything wrong." She says. I sit down and be quite. "I should suspend Anthony for harassing you and making Niall kiss you." She says. "Okay, you guys can go." She says. Niall and I get up. "Just make sure you guys don't get in another fight." She says right before we walk out of the room. "We wont." Niall and I say. As Niall and I walk out into the hallway Niall says "Man you can be a bad girl sometimes, aye?" "Yeah, I was the bad girl back at home." I laugh. "Thanks for getting me out of that."  Niall says. "I wasn't going to let you get suspended for something you didn't do, and you are staying at my house, so." I laugh. "Well, you are clever." Niall says. "Yep, don't let the smile fool you." I laugh as we walk into class.

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