I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


2. second period

       I gathered all of my things and started to walk out of the classroom, suddenly I felt someone grab my shoulder. I jump and turn around. "Hey, woah! It's just me!" Niall laughs.

       The firm touch reminded me of my dads cold hands touching my boney shoulder. I try not to remember the frightful times while answering Niall. "You scared me!" I laugh. "I thought I did. Sorry." he laughs as we walk into the hallway.

        While we were walking in the hall Niall kept on looking at me funny. Whenever I tried to look back at him he would turn his head the other way. He finally asked "Lacey, whats wrong?" I look into his deep blue eyes and say "Nothing." He starts to open his mouth, but stops. "Oh, Okay." he says. I just smile to show him i was okay, but i wasnt.

        Niall and I walk outside to eat lunch. We sit at a table across from where the premiere soccer team is playing. "Oh man, offsides!" I try to whisper so Niall doesn't hear me. "What did you just say?" Niall laughs. "Nothing." I say picking at my salad. "You like soccer, dont you?" Niall asks. "Yeah." I say quietly. "Don't be embaressed, I love soccer." Niall says. "Yeah, I do to." I say smiling at Niall. "I want to see how you play. Let's stay after school and play. I know where they keep all of the extra soccer equipment!" Niall laughs. I smile  at Niall and say "Yeah, sure!" Thinking, am I falling for him?  


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