I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


20. Playing it cool

     "Lacey?" Ryan yells from the couch. "Yeah." I say slowly walking to the living room. "Hey..." He stops short when he looks at Niall. "Hi, I'm Niall." Niall says in a low voice . "Hi, I'm Ryan, Lacey's brother." Ryan stutters. "Yeah, she told me." Niall smiles. "We are going to go in my room and study for a test." I say to change this awkward conversation.

    Niall and I walk up the stairs and walk into my room. "Well that was kind of awkward." Niall says sitting on the end of my bed. "Yeah, I know." I say sitting at the desk. "So, what do you wanna do?" Niall asks. "I don't really know, I'm sure my dad will come home and scream at me." I say leaning back in the chair. "He won't if I am here." Niall smiles. "That doesn't sound good." I laugh as I turn around and open my notebook. "How? I love you, and if he tries to separate us I wont let him." Niall says leaning up on his elbows. "I love you too." I say and sit next to him. "I know." He smiles and kisses me on the  forehead.

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