I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


17. Just You and I

      In the morning, I woke up with Niall playing with my hair. "Morning, beautiful." Niall says. "Morning." I say with a smile. "Oh dang it! School!" I say. "No, we arent going today, I am going to take you out today." Niall says. "Oh, for what?" I ask. "For last night, I am really sorry." Niall says. "Oh yeah, it is okay." I say putting my head on Niall's shoulder. "Thank you, and she did it, i didnt do it." Niall says. "Yeah, sure." I laugh. "It was." Niall laughs kissing my forehead. "I really do love you." He whispers. "I love you too." I say. "Alright, what do you want to do today?" Niall asks. "I don't know." I say.

     "Alright, how about we go out to get some breakfast and then we go to my house, to hang out." Niall says. "Yeah, that sounds good." I say as we get up.

      Niall and I went to a diner close to his house. I got waffles, and he got eggs. While we were sitting down a group of kids came over and asked "Are you Niall Horan, and Lacey Andrews?" "Yeah, Why?" Niall asks. "Cool, it was nice meeting you two." They said. "That was weird." I say as they walk away. "Yeah, those kids don't go to our school." Niall says looking at them. "Yeah, they don't look familiar at all." I say. "Well that means something got out." Niall says. "Oh, that isn't good." I laugh as we get up and walk out to Niall's car. "Well, they cant bother us about each other. We already are together." Niall says as we pull out of the parking lot.

     While we were driving to Niall's house I was thinking what my dad would do if he ever found out that I was with Niall. The worst he can do, is not letting us see each other. "We are here." Niall says pulling into a big house. "Wow! Your house is really big." I say looking out the window. "Come on." Niall says opening the car door and leading me out. Niall put his arm around me as we walked up to the front door. "Are your parents home?" I ask. "No, they don't come home until 4." Niall says. I smile as we walk into his house. Niall shows me around the house. "And here is my room." Niall says sitting on the end of his bed. "Wow, this is the original jersey signed by the Derby County soccer team." I say looking at a jersey that was covered in signatures. "Yeah I got that from my older brother last year." Niall says standing next to me. "That is really cool." I say. "It took my brother a really longtime to get it." Niall says. "Yeah I'm sure." I say sitting on the end of his bed. "And it took me a long time to find the perfect girl." Niall says walking and sitting next to me. "Yeah, I'm sure you dated someone else." I smile. "Yeah, but they weren't as perfect as you." Niall says with a smile. "I'm guessing this is also apart of the apology." I say smiling at Niall. "No, can't a guy say his girlfriend is perfect just the way she is?" Niall laughs. "Yeah." I laugh.

      "Let's watch something." Niall says turning the TV on in his room. "How many girls have you brought in here so far?" I ask as Niall sits next to me. "Uh, one." Niall says looking at me. "What was her name?" I ask. "Uh, Lacey." He says. "Besides me." I laugh. "Does my mom count?" Niall laughs. "So, I am the only girl you have ever let come in your room?" I laugh. "Yeah pretty much. How many boys have been in your room, missy?" Niall  laughs sitting up. "3" I quickly say. "And who were they?" Niall laughs. "My brother, dad, and you." I smile. "Of course." Niall laughs laying his head down. I cuddle up next to him and eventually fall asleep.

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