I Promise

Lacey just moved to Ireland. She isn't really used to the kids at the school or in her class. She walks into the class and notices there is one boy who won't stop staring at her. He talks to her and shows her around. They fall in love. Will Lacey's dad let her see this boy known as Niall?


12. I Promise

         Later that night Niall went home to get a bag. I took a shower and got dressed in comfy clothes. While I was downstairs cleaning the kitchen I saw Niall's phone on the table. I grabbed it and started taking pictures of myself. I took one and made it his home screen. I laughed and put his phone back on the table.

       I heard a knock at the door and answered it. "Hey Niall." I say with a big smile. "Hey." He says as we sit at the table. "There's my phone." Niall says picking it up. "Yep." I giggle. "What's wrong" Niall asks. "Nothing." I laugh tapping at my phone. "What did you do?" Niall asks putting his phone down. "Nothing, I swear." I try to say seriously. "You did something, what did you do?" Niall asks getting up and coming closer to me. "Niall, I did nothing." I say with a big smile. "Yes you did. Come on tell me or you are going to get it." Niall says. "Get what?" I laugh. "A Horan Hug." Niall says giving me a big hug. "Niall stop." I laugh as Niall kisses my neck. "What did you do?" He smiles against my neck. "Just look at your phone. Nothing bad, I promise." I laugh. "Okay." Niall says picking up his phone. I sit there with a smirk as Niall unlocks his phone. "Why am I laughing at this anyway?" I say. "You spammed my phone with pictures of yourself." Niall smiled. I giggle. "Yep."

       "Do you like scary movies?" Niall asks as we get up and walk to the living room. "Yeah, why?" I say. "Cause I brought one to watch." Niall says putting it in the DVD player. "Okay, what movie?" I ask. "The Grudge." Niall says sitting on the couch. "Oh." I laugh as I sit next to him. "It was the only movie I could find." Niall laughs.

                   *Towards Middle of Movie*

          "Oh god." I whisper putting my head in Niall's chest. "Calm down, it is just a movie." Niall says putting his hand on mine. "How do I stay calm if there is a little girl making that noise like that?" I ask closing my eyes and squeezing Niall even harder. "Here we'll stop it." Niall says pausing the movie. "Can I come out now?" I say. "Yes." Niall laughs. "Okay, that movie was scary." I say looking at Niall. "Yes it was." Niall says playing with my hair. "You are shaking." I smile looking at Niall. "No I'm not." Niall says. "Yes you are, you were also scared." I say looking into his eyes and smiling. "I cant say I wasn't scared." Niall says smiling back at me. I look at the clock and see it is 11 o' clock at night. "We have school tomorrow, we have to go to bed." I say with a smile. "Okay." Niall says with a smirk. "You stay downstairs." I say throwing a blanket at him. "But, I don't want to." Niall says. "You have to, my dad will kill me if he ever finds out I let you sleep over." I say walking towards the stairs. "Okay, night." Niall says. "Night" I say almost at my stairs. All of the sudden I feel a pair of arms around my waist. "We can keep it a secret." Niall whispers. I smile and say "One more night I guess, but the last one, you promise?" "I promise." Niall says crossing his fingers. Niall and I walk up the stairs and go into my room. "Night." I say going under the blankets. "Night princess." Niall says kissing me on the forehead.

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