Is this Really What I Want?

Future-ish. Riley is a famous actress and singer. It used to be so fun. But is it all it's cracked out to be? She travels alone, and she feels lonely. Will she find someone?

Sorry it sounds stupid, but I'm working on it... And I kinda agree with some people against RP accounts. So I'm gonna write stories.


9. Chapter 9 'Riley' "The Red Carpet Party Part 3"

Max is an amazing singer. Maybe the manager will let us sing together. I mean it'll earn her more money. Which I know she wants. After we pranced off the stage, Paisley came running to us. "You guys sounded amazing!" She said. "And please hide me. I'm hiding from Stephanie and Mikyla. They're like trying to steal my job!" We nodded in understanding. "Alright then!" Max said. "Sit with us." Paisley happily sat with us. "Oh!" She said. "While I'm here.. My manager wants to sign the three of us to a band. Just think about it ok?" She said. "Yes!" Max and I blurted out at the same time. "Sounds like a plan Paisley!" I said sticking my hand out.  "Great!" She said. "We'll have to meet tomorrow at the recording studio." The lights dimmed and a man began to speak. "Presenting everyones favorite boy band "......"  


Cliff hanger! Who is the band. Give suggestions! Like one D or five seconds of summer and all that stuff. Thx- Ariana

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