Is this Really What I Want?

Future-ish. Riley is a famous actress and singer. It used to be so fun. But is it all it's cracked out to be? She travels alone, and she feels lonely. Will she find someone?

Sorry it sounds stupid, but I'm working on it... And I kinda agree with some people against RP accounts. So I'm gonna write stories.


3. Chapter 3 'Riley' "The Mall"

We got away from the paparazzi and got in the mall. "Let's go to Mars on Earth!" Mikyla said. We went after her into a very modern store. "Woah.." I said. "This looks exactly like Mars! I remember I had a field trip there when I was younger. And these clothes are so cool." I said eyeing a green dress. "They have bikinis?" Stephanie said holding up what looked like some weird piece of fabric. 

"Well I need to find a dress." I said. The girls came over to me and began looking for dresses. I saw some pretty cool ones. But none I would ever wear. After half an hour of searching, we found the perfect dress. It was pink, short, tight and it had frills. It would probably put me in more magazines. I hope. Or else the evil manager won't be to happy. "Now!" Stephanie said. "Let's find shoes. So... We dedicated another thirty minutes to look for shoes. In he end we found some shoes from like 2013. So they were a couple centuries old. (It is the year 5014) But they are really cute shoes.  The brand is Gucci. Well... I found the perfect outfit went home and went to sleep. 


Heyyy! My chapters are pretty short, but I'm pulling the story together.  Byeeee -Ariana♥

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